Indecent Topics

drieux H. (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 16:29:49 GMT

As an amusing aside to all of this, I would
be interested in getting ahold of any of the
ongoing running war against 'obscene' as occurred
especially during the sixties, as I recall that
more than once the bible was dragged out as a
text which would be deemed 'obscene' under the
then prevailing legal standards.

In light of the current 'telecommunication' bill
which those EvilLiberals just Rammed through Congress
and so Clearly Blind Sided the whole Congressional
Republican Leadership, {I will stop giggling here
somewhere at the sound byte of the Newtster admitting
he had lost control of the House... } and then Signed
into Law by the Much Noted, Anti-BigGovernment, Friend
of the People, ProFamily President, WhatIsHisWife'sName,
it would seem that the time has come once again for folks
to dust off their Old Activist T-Shirts and start looking
towards "legal defense fund raising" should this piece of
legislation make it past the realm of Political Rhetoric
and become implemented.

I have advised the other lists I am active on, to avoid
discussing any of the clearly indecent subjects until
such time as the matter has been settled in court, I do
this again, out of deference to the List Owner, as I would
not wish to seem them Imprisoned for the mistakes of one
of us here. My short list of Clearly 'indecent' subjects
for this list is:

1. The War in Vietnam, if you don't know why it was indecent,
read up on it from any sournce that has not yet been cleaned up.

2. The Civil Rights Movement, since clearly it was not very decent on
either side of the line.

3. The Women's Movement, again, if you do not KNOW why this was
indecent, then read up.

4. The AntiWar Movement, as this was Clearly Not a Nice thing to
do, and decent folks support their President while the Troops Are
Committed and Abroad on the Forefront of Freedom.

5. The Ecology Movement Might be considered 'decent', except where
it was used to oppose Corporate American and threatened the Profit
Margins of Major American Employers, since Unemployment is 'indecent'.


ps: and Yes, I must apologize, I had been under the misunderstanding
that Komrade Party Member Gnewtster was the House Leader and as such
had some influence on the efforts to end the US constitution, and that
he would have been able to do what he said he was going to do about
that piece of legislation.