Re: Leary and LSD [multiple replies] (fwd)

Thu, 1 Feb 1996 17:47:03 -0500

From: Tony Williams

Rationale for this posting.
1. LSD was also used in USA (as outside also) for certain
government experiments in the 60s. See factual books and fictional
works such as JACOB'S LADDER.
2. The implications of the 60s are not just relevant to America but other
countries, other decades, and other situations (e.g. the Gulf War).
Otherwise, limiting it to America in the 60s becomes a parallel to
Pat Buchanan's "America First" philosophy and the "Know Nothing"
movement of the (19th.

Since debate is now focussing on LSD, I thought participants on
this network may be interested to know that on the BBC World Service
last night, the British Government actually admitted that LSD was
used to experiment on servicemen during the 1960s.
Despite Britain's non-participation in the Viet Nam War certain
contemporary politicians rued the fact that the British Army was not
sent to fight along the Americans. This was the feeling of Tory Prime
Minister Harold Macmillan (1957-62).
Also, one veteran I spoke to a few years ago mentioned to me that
British Marines were actively participating in his Basic Training.
Has anyone else explored these connections, especially re. information
about LSD experiments on American servicemen at the same time?
Despite British non-involvement, the Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson
refused to condemn American activities in Viet Nam - a fact that angered
left-wingers in his Party as well as those outside. There was a lot of
sincere anti-war activity on the part of British left wingers and much
more research needs to be undertaken in this area particularly in contacting
participants. I'm sure NEW LEFT REVIEW and editor Robin Blackburn would be
really helpful here, particularly if they knew of LSD expriments which would
be covered under the Official Secrets Act.
Tony Williams