San Francisco

Deepak Ramanathan (
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 11:13:24 -0500

It has definitely been interesting receiving mail from all you people.
There seem to be a large number of people still believing in the values
epoused by the sixties. The fact that you are still subscribing to this
list is reason enough to come to that conclusion.
Media distortion, I guess is the operative word while describing the
sixties. It (the media) announced it's arrival with the " Summer of Love"
and was as prompt in reporting it's death after the Altamount incident.
The unfortunate part however was that the people who actually got the
ball rolling were never a prominent part of the media onslaught. Hence
you have Tim O leary with his outrageous( for those times, at least)
thoughts becoming a representative of the sixties culture.
It is not Tim that I want to meet, nor the pot pourri of people who
flocked to the HA just because it was HA( as was pointed out by so many
of you!!). The idea was to meet the people who influenced thought and
actions( I am safely assuming that LSD was non-human). The people who
revolted at Berkely, the people who questioned ideas and values that
were imposed on them.
I know that a lot of you folks managed to walk away from the whole
situation. I was just curious to know if you still believe in the music,
the thought and the values that you suscribed to in the 60's.
I want to thank all of you for making an effort to reply to my queries.
It's satisfying to know that a community that people have long forgotten
or at lest trying to forget is alive and healthy. As Grace Slick says
"In the eighties Feed your head would mean to read a book"

Peace and Love