Bibliographies added to Sixties Web Site

Kali Tal (
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 08:53:11 -0500

Sixties Folk,

I've added three bibliographies to the Web Site. They were already
available at our gopher site, but they're much easier to use on the Web, and
I've added hypertext links. The bibliographies are:

1. "GI Resistance: Soldiers and Veterans Against the War," compiled by Skip
Delano (1991).

2. "Minority Veterans: A Bibliography," compiled by Kali Tal (1989).

3. "Sixties Political Films: An Annotated Bibliography," by Eric Roberts and
Lauren Rusk (1994).

You can find all three at the following URL:

If you've got bibliographies that you'd like us to place on-line, please
email them or send them on disk to the address in my signature file. I'll
be placing syllabi on-line over the next few days, so if you've sent me
yours, please be patient. If you'd like your Sixties-related course
syllabus to be placed at our Web site, please send me a copy.

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