Art in the Sixties (multiple posts)

Wed, 24 Jan 1996 09:51:37 -0500

Sender: Craig Russell <>
Subject: Re: Art in the sixties

Scott Solomon wrote:
> I thought Mr. Natural originated as a comic book character drawn by Crumb?
The Crumb documentary was directed by Terry Zwigoff, not David Lynch.

Sender: (Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter)
Subject: Re: art in the sixties

Would it be naive to suggest a look at artist Peter Max or the poster
artists who did some of the Fillmore style art during the sixties? They
are certainly not the Warhols or the Rauschenbergs of the period, but their
color and style made a statement about the times - beyond "psychedelic".
Typography and color work was strongly affected.

Sender: (Wendy Thurman)
Subject: Re: Art in the sixties

My first post and I blew it. Mr. Natural indeed was the creation of R.
Crumb. the Austin/Oat Willie's connection to art was the "Onward Through
The Fog" character which adorned much of the paraphernalia purchased there.
My apologies.

Wendy Thurman