Re:Drugs and Nam Project

Maggie Jaffe (
Thu, 18 Jan 1996 13:03:14 -0500

Dear Sixties People:

I'm posting this submissions guidelines for a special issue on Drugs and
Nam which will be published by *Viet Nam Generation.* The deadline for
submissions is 1997. Anyone interested, contact Jon F. Glade at the
address below.

Call for Submissions

The Drugs and 'Nam Project requests submissions for "Drugs and 'Nam," a
special issue of the journal Viet Nam Generation. All submissions must
address the relationship between drug use and/or abuse and the Vietnam era.
Memoirs, fiction, and poetry related to both poles of the subject will be
seriously considered and are strongly encouraged, but we are especially
interested in engagingly written and well researched, academically
oriented, articles and essays.

Topics for articles and essays include, but are not limited to, the
following: a historical overview of the proliferation of drug usage during
the Vietnam era; an examination of media and the drugs/Nam connection (one
or more articles/essays on several mediums: print, TV, radio, film, and
urban myth); military justice and incarceration as related to drug
offenses, including the use of alcohol); representative medical/counseling
viewpoints; the youth and drug culture of the sixties and if it was
influenced by the draft and the resulting "generation gap" or not; the
drugs of choice from 1964 to 1975 as compared to drugs of choice of the
present; an examination of drug legislation and enforcement from the
Vietnam era to the present; CIA and army LSD experiments; the Heroin
Pandemic of 1970 on, including possible CIA/Air America involvement,
material on the Golden Triangle past and present, and/or comparisons to the
original Opium Wars; verifiable information about drug use by the NVA, VC,
and ARVN troops; review essays and articles about the "Dope and Dementia
School" of Vietnam war literature. Length is open, but most submissions
should not exceed 25 pages.

Memoirs are welcome, and we would like to hear from veterans (Nam vets both
combat MOS and rear echelon, non-RVN assignments, ROK, Australian, and
State-side troops); relatives, spouses, ex-spouses, and friends of
veterans; draft protesters and resistors (New Left, Old Left, Red Diaper
Babies, unaffiliated, Vietnam Veterans against the War, etc.); Vietnamese,
Laotian and Cambodian expatriates; Vietnam era law enforcement officers,
public defenders, MPs, and JAG officers; Professors, musicians, and campus
cult figures. We would like to hear from some individuals who did not use
drugs, as well as from those who did.

Space for fiction and poetry is limited, but all submissions will be
considered equally. Satire and humor pieces are also welcomed. 25 pp.
maximum length on fiction.

Please copy these guidelines and pass them along to anyone who might be
interested in submitting material. Previously published material and
simultaneous submissions are fine. All submissions must be accompanied by
a SASE. Contributors will be paid in copies, and all rights will revert to
authors. Send all submissions to:
Jon F. Glade, Editor
Drugs and 'Nam Project
152 1/2 N. Brooks Street
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 674-9233