Student Deferments, etc. (fwd)

Fri, 5 Jan 1996 16:35:13 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Student Deferments, etc.

Ted Morgan's comments about 1968 as a pivotal year with reference to the
draft made me think that Bill Clinton, too, graduated from college in 1968.
Some of his manuvering with reference to the draft may be explained by Ted's
remarks, i.e., the student deferment was in transition in anticipation of the
new lottery system. Clinton could not be certain that he would be able to
complete graduate school and needed to do something: thus his shilly-shally
behavior with reference to joining RO

A side issue: Clinton's story about not-inhaling also has the ring of truth.
I can think of several people (non-smokers) who failed to inhale the first
time they tried pot. They choked on the joint and lapsed into coughing.
Usually they gave up.

My suspicion is that Clinton gets tripped up on such details when he tells
the truth and then finds the experience so distasteful that he doesn't tell
the truth in other matters. (How is this for an Oliver Stonesque analysis?)

Ed Hagan