Re: HUAM Content Selection: Charles Demuth's "In Vaudeville"

Andrea Notman (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:39:57 -0500

Actually, that is a drawing and part of our collection. I'll pass on this
message to Miriam Stewart, our assistant curator of drawings and hopefully
she can assist you.

A print is probably available from our Photo Services Department by calling
617-495-2389 or by e-mailing Elizabeth Gombosi at the address, As for a poster, I'm not sure there's one
available but either Mirian or Elizabeth may know that.

Hope this is helpful.

Andrea Notman

P.S. I was trying to figure our your MESL connection - do you teach at both
the University of Pittsburgh and Virginia? I'm curious! Let me know!

>I am trying to locate a print or poster of Charles Demuth's "In
>Vaudeville." It appears that the original may be in the Harvard U. Art
>Can you/anyone help me?
>Lee Weinberg
>University of Pittsburgh
>Lee Weinberg
>University of Pittsburgh

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