Re: NGA Content Selection: Plaque of Jean Penicaud I

Robin Dowden (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 09:26:56 -0600

At this time, the image/text for the Penicaud plaque that you are interested
in is only available on the university systems that contributing to the MESL

At 12:51 PM 3/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello, looking for "penicaud" in the Alta Vista search engine,
>I found the MESL listing, saying that the national gallery of Art had a
work of Jean Penicaud
>I could not find, however, if an image is available on the net and where.
>could you let me know? thank you.
>alain penicaud
>Alain Penicaud
Robin Dowden
National Gallery of Art