NMAA Content Selection: Content Selection

Sally Promey (sp80@umail.umd.edu)
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 10:41:34 -0500

I've made it through the first quarter of the list you have provided--and am not certain if I will have time to go back and explore individual selestions further. In that first list I would like all works by: E.A. Abbey, Henry Bacon, Hugo Ballin, Edward Mitchell Bannister, Alice Pike Barney, Romare Bearden, Walter Beck, Mary Cassatt, Kenyon Cox, Charles Curran, and John H. Coates. The courses I know will be offered here next year include one on Photography, one on African-American art, and one on religious dimensions of American art. Any materials you can offer in these areas would be appreciated. I will try to get back to the additional lists and be more specific about this before content selection is over.
Sally Promey
University of Maryland