21.358 podcast: Future role of print scholarly editions

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Please forgive double postings.
You can listen to a discussion on
"The Role of Print Scholarly Editions in the 'Digital Age'": a
Roundtable Discussion held in the Centre for Textual Scholarship, De
Montfort University, on 13 Nov. 2007,
by visiting:
Or visit the CTS home page and click on Podcast in the right-hand box.

Nigel Wood and Gabriel Egan, Loughborough University
Sukanta Chaudhuri and Abhijit Gupta, Jadavpur University
Paul Eggert, University of New South Wales
Andy Mousley, Takako Kato, Federico Meschini and Peter Shillingsburg,
De Montfort University

Topic: What is the role of print scholarly editions in the so-called
"digital age"?
With possible attention also to: How can the insights of textual
criticism be better presented to students and critics at large?

Peter Shillingsburg
Director, Centre for Textual Scholarship
De Montfort University
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