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         Subject: next August -- Balisage conference

Dear Willard and HUMANIST --

First there was the Hytime conference. Then,=20
Metastructures. And then, Extreme. Now -- it's Balisage --

    Balisage: The Markup Conference
    August 12 - 15, 2008
    (workshop: August 11, 2008)

Montréal in August has always been the place and time for serious
markup geeks to meet, and this year there's an all-new conference
for them.

Balisage is designed to meet the needs of markup theoreticians and
practitioners who are pushing the boundaries of the field. It's all
about the markup: how to create it; what it means; hierarchies and
overlap; modeling; taxonomies; transformation; query, searching,
and retrieval; presentation and accessibility; making systems that
make markup dance (or dance faster to a different tune in a smaller
space) - in short, changing the world and the web through the power
of marked-up information.

See: http://www.balisage.net/ for details on Balisage
Updates: subscribe to the Markup Conference Announcement list
Questions: info_at_balisage.net

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