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Lit Linguist Computing -- Table of Contents Alert

Original Articles

   Quantitative Authorship Attribution: An Evaluation of Techniques
        Jack Grieve
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:251-270.

   Multivariate Analysis of Finnish Dialect Data An Overview of Lexical
        Saara Hyvonen, Antti Leino, and Marko Salmenkivi
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:271-290.

   Metamorphosis: Remediation in Early English Books Online (EEBO)
        Diana Kichuk
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:291-303.

   A Statistical Analysis of Editorial Influence and Author Character
   Similarities in 1990s New Yorker Fiction
        Katherine L. Milkman, Rene Carmona, and William Gleason
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:305-328.

   Discovery of Language Resources on the Web: Information Extraction from
   Heterogeneous Documents
        Viktor Pekar and Richard Evans
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:329-343.

   Delta for Middle Dutch Author and Copyist Distinction in Walewein
        Karina van Dalen-Oskam and Joris van Zundert
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:345-362.

Review Article

   Digital Art and Technical Convergence: A Review of Silicon Remembers
   Carbon, an Exhibition
        Marilyn Deegan
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:363-366.


   Georeferencing: The Geographic Associations of Information. * Hill, Linda L.
        Stuart E. Dunn
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:367-369.

   An Approach to Videogame Criticism. * Ian Bogost.
        Stephen Ramsay
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:369-370.

   Aesthetic Computing. * Fishwick, Paul A. (ed).
        Stan Ruecker
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:370-372.

   Challenge and Change in the Information Society. * Susan Hornby and Zoe
   Clarke (eds).
        Melissa M. Terras
        Lit Linguist Computing 2007 22:372-374.
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