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Press release

JISC sponsors 'Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year' Award

Call to institutions to 'bring to wider attention examples of innovation in
the use of ICT'

JISC is sponsoring an award this year which will showcase the most
innovative and potentially far-reaching ICT initiatives across the UK. The
award, one of the Times Higher's 2007 Awards, will 'recognise and reward an
institutional ICT initiative which has demonstrated an innovative and
strategic use of ICT in support of the goals of that institution.'

The award, for which all higher education institutions, teams or departments
in the UK are eligible, is now open for entries until June 29th. The award
will be presented at an event on the November 29th.

The judges of the award are:

* Alison Allden - Deputy Registrar & Director of Information Services,
University of Bristol and Chair of JISC's Integrated Information Environment
committee (JIIE)
Professor David Baker - Principal of the College of St Mark
and St John and Chair of JISC's Content Services committee (JCS)
Sarah Porter - Head of Development, JISC
Norman Wiseman - Head of Services and Outreach, JISC

Speaking to the Times Higher this week, Professor Baker said: 'There is a
need for good practice and examples of innovation to be more widely shared.
With the THES awards having quickly become a showcase for some of the best
and most exciting work being done in higher education, we hope this ICT
award will likewise bring to wider attention examples of innovative and
far-reaching uses of ICT.'

Gerard Kelly, Deputy Editor of the Times Higher and Awards director, thanked
JISC for their sponsorship of the ICT award, saying: 'Our principal aim was
to raise awareness of and reward the huge contribution British universities
make to the economic and cultural health of the country, one that in our
view had gone largely unheeded. I am delighted to say that, with your
participation and the backing of leading figures in Government, business and
the higher education sector, we have begun to shine a light on a few of the
many achievements that have made UK universities among the best in the

For further information on the Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year Award,
and to enter, please go to: www.thes.co.uk/Awards/2007/

See also: www.jisc.ac.uk/THESAwards

For further information, please contact Philip Pothen (JISC) on 07887 564
006 or p.pothen_at_jisc.ac.uk
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