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   [1] From: DH2007 <dh2007_at_digitalhumanities.org> (21)
         Subject: DH2007: reminder regarding early registration discount

   [2] From: Dot Porter <dporter_at_UKY.EDU> (57)
         Subject: TEI Workshops @ Kalamazoo

   [3] From: "Olga Francois" <OFrancois_at_umuc.edu> (44)
         Subject: May 4th Early Registration for Copyright Symposium

         Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 07:25:23 +0100
         From: DH2007 <dh2007_at_digitalhumanities.org>
         Subject: DH2007: reminder regarding early registration discount

May 14 is the last day to register for the Digital Humanities 2007
conference with the early registrant discount, so please visit


and register soon (if you have not already registered). The full
conference program is now online, at


It's an excellent line-up, and we hope to see you there.

Please note that if you have previously created a login on this site
(for example, to submit a paper or serve as a reviewer) you can use
that login for the purpose of registering for the conference as well,
and if you have forgotten your password, you can request a reminder.

Also please note that you may register as a member if you are a
subscriber to Literary and Linguistic Computing, published by Oxford
University Press. If you are a subscriber, you'll be asked for your
subscriber number: that number will be on the mailing label for your
most recent issue of LLC, and you can also get it by registering
online with OUP's journals division. If you are a member but for
some reason you don't have the number and can't get it, that's OK:
just email dh2007_at_digitalhumanities.org for help and we'll make sure
that you can register before the deadline, at the member rate.

John Unsworth, local organizer

         Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:16:29 +0100
         From: Dot Porter <dporter_at_UKY.EDU>
         Subject: TEI Workshops @ Kalamazoo

There are still spaces available in the TEI Workshops at Kalamazoo.
Please register soon if you plan to participate! You can email me at



The Medieval Academy of America Committee on Electronic Resources is
pleased to announce two TEI workshops to be held at the International
Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, in May 2007. Both
workshops will be on Thursday, May 10 (sessions 32 and 138; see
http://www.wmich.edu/medieval/congress/sessions.html for complete
conference schedule).

1) XML and the Text Encoding Initiative Workshop I: Introduction to
TEI Encoding

This workshop offers an introduction to best practices for digital
scholarship, taught by a medievalist, James C. Cummings, specifically
for medievalists. Instruction includes introductory-level XML and
structural encoding, as well as new TEI P5 standards and guidelines,
markup concerns for medieval transcription, and a brief consideration
of XML Editors. Assignments will be completed during the following

2) XML and the Text Encoding Initiative Workshop II: Advanced TEI Encoding and

This workshop offers advanced instruction in advanced topics in TEI
encoding and
the customization of the TEI for an individual project's needs, taught
by a medievalist, James C. Cummings, specifically for medievalists.
Instruction includes metadata for medieval manuscript description,
advanced-level concepts of TEI P5 modularization, schema generation
and customization for individual projects, and a brief survey of
related technologies. Assignments will be completed during the
following clinic.

Dr. Cummings works for the Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford.
He holds a PhD from the University of Leeds, and he has extensive
experience leading TEI workshops.

Both workshops are limited to 14 participants, and registration is required.

The fee *per workshop* is $45/$60 (Medieval Academy
members/nonmembers) for pre-registration, $55/$70 for walk-ins
(pending available space).

Please send contact information and a check payable to Medieval
Academy of America c/o

Dorothy Carr Porter
351/352 William T. Young Library
Univ. of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0456

Dot Porter, University of Kentucky
Program Coordinator
Collaboratory for Research in Computing for Humanities
dporter_at_uky.edu          859-257-9549
Editorial Assistant, REVEAL Project
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments
         Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:17:52 +0100
         From: "Olga Francois" <OFrancois_at_umuc.edu>
         Subject: May 4th Early Registration for Copyright Symposium
[Please excuse any cross-posting of this notice.]
There is still time--but it is limited--to save when you register for
this year's symposium:
Copyright Utopia:
Alternative Visions, Methods & Policies
May 21-23, 2007
UMUC Inn & Conference Center,
The seventh annual symposium on Intellectual Property presented by the
Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University
College in Adelphi, MD. http://www.umuc.edu/cip/symposium/
EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MAY 4th! See {http://tinyurl.com/2z4po3
[secure servers]} to register.
Join us Monday, May 21, for one of two in-depth afternoon pre-conference
      --Copyright 101, or
      --E-Reserves Policy and Implementation
Then, come that evening to hear a dynamic opening keynote address by
Fred von Lohmann, Senior Intellectual Property Attorney of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation. With his distinct views on user
generated content, rights and accesses to copyrighted materials, he will
surely provide a thought provoking opening to our discussions.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23, we will have a keynote
      --" Utopian Visions of Copyright: Tweak, Transform or Opt-out"
and the following panel discussions:
      -- Closed is not necessarily the Other Side of Open
      -- International Approaches
      -- Tweaking Copyright: Legislative Alternatives
      -- Licensing & the Commons as (c) Alternatives
      -- Transforming Copyright: Technological Alternatives
Please visit http://www.umuc.edu/cip/symposium for detailed information
about registration, agenda, travel, and lodging. You may also call
240-582-2803. We look forward to seeing you!
Olga Francois, Assistant Director
Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd. East, PGM3-780
Adelphi, MD 20783
Phone: 240-582-2964
Fax:   240-582-2961
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