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From: Nicole Coleman <cncoleman_at_stanford.edu>
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Though the following announcement is for a conference on e-Social
Science, I thought it may be of interest to members of the Humanist
Discussion Group whose work is interdisciplinary or who are working
in collaboration with others in the social sciences.

------ e-social science announcement ------------
3rd International Conference on e-Social Science
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
October 7-9, 2007

Initial Announcement and Call for Submissions

The aim of this NSF-sponsored conference on e-Social Science is to
bring together international representatives of the social science
and cyberinfrastructure research communities in order to create
better mutual awareness, harmonize understanding, and instigate
coordinated activities to accelerate research, development, and
deployment of cyberinfrastructure to support the social science
research community.

We invite contributions from members of the social science and
cyberinfrastructure research communities with experience of - or
interests in - exploring, developing, and applying new methods,
practices, and tools that are facilitated by cyberinfrastructure in
order to further social science research, and in studying the wider
development of cyberinfrastructure-enabled research and its
component technologies.

Details of submission topics and formats can be found at http://

Deadlines: paper abstracts: May 15th, 2007.
Workshop proposals: May 31st, 2007.
Poster abstracts: June 30th, 2007.

Nicole Coleman, Stanford University
Technology Projects Manager, Stanford Humanities Center
ATS Program Management Team, SULAIR
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