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   [1] From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca> (13)
         Subject: Dictionary of Words in the Wild

   [2] From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman_at_bi.no> (24)
         Subject: International Journal of Design: First Issue Available

         Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 07:40:09 +0100
         From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca>
         Subject: Dictionary of Words in the Wild

For Colleagues with Digital Cameras: the Dictionary of Words in the
Wild (beta)

The Dictionary of Words in the Wild is an experiment in public
textuality that collects images of text into a mashable dictionary.
For this experiment to work we need lots of pictures of words.

I suspect many Humanists have collections of images of words or
phrases taken around the world. If you are willing to contribute
them, sign up for an account, upload the pictures and tag them.
Alternatively you can experiment with the API and build web
applications that call the dictionary for word images.

Try it, get an account and upload your words,

Geoffrey Rockwell

         Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 07:42:37 +0100
         From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman_at_bi.no>
         Subject: International Journal of Design: First Issue
Available On-Line

International Journal of Design now available


Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to announce the first issue of the
International Journal of Design. It is available on-line at
www.ijdesign.org. This on-line version is open access, freely
available for anyone, anywhere to download, read, distribute, and use
for non-commercial purposes with proper attribution.

If you like what you see, you can email the entire issue or any
article to a friend. A printed version of the journal will also be
available for the cost of printing and distribution.

Our vision is to publish high-quality design research, and to
disseminate this research to the widest possible audience.

We invite you to submit your best work to the International Journal
of Design and to encourage your
colleagues to do the same.
We hope you will enjoy reading the first issue of IJDesign. If you
have any suggestions that will help us to improve the journal, please
let us hear from you.


Lin-Lin Chen

Editor-in-Chief, IJDesign

International Journal of Design

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