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         Subject: "Tools and Methods for the Digital Historian"

The AHRC ICT Methods Network, a UK initiative for the exchange and
dissemination of expertise in the use of ICT for arts and humanities
research, has just launched an online community forum on 'digital' history:

'Tools and Methods for the Digital Historian'
is the first of a set of integrated online communities related to
Methods Network activities and resources and is a forum for open
discussion of all issues relating to digital history. In particular
we invite comments on a working paper by Neil Grindley (Methods
Network) entitled 'Tools and Methods for Historical Research' which
we hope will become the basis of a community resource. We are keen on
getting more input and would very much like to include your feedback
in future versions of the paper.

This paper contains sections on: Tools and Web Resources; Database
Structures; Data Mining; Quantitative Methods; Visualization; and
Geographical Information Systems. It may appeal to different types of
readers in different ways. Some people might find this paper contains
useful introductory material to digital tools and methods and may
wish to explore a number of useful links to relevant websites. Those
who already have a sophisticated understanding of the use of ICT
tools for historical research might wish to use the contents of this
paper as a jumping off point for discussing other areas of research
that have not been referred to, or which have been mentioned and
would benefit from additional elucidation.

The paper can be downloaded from our website as a PDF:

Two topics in the new forum might be of particular interest to
members of Humanist and we would be keen on your input:

this thread started as a discussion about electronic publishing and
now features a discussion of the value of 'Web 2.0' for research

this thread continues the discussion about electronic publishing and
asks about tools and methods for electronic publishing platforms for

For all questions regarding 'Digital Historian' and Methods Network
community building in general please contact our Senior Research
Project Coordinator Torsten Reimer

Dr Willard McCarty | Reader in Humanities Computing | Centre for
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