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Volume 11 Number 8 of Soft Computing is now=20
available on the SpringerLink web site at http://springerlink.com


Web Intelligence and Chance Discovery
Ajith Abraham, Yukio Ohsawa, Yasuhiko Dote
Page 695 - 696

Purposive behavior of honeybees as the basis of an experimental search=
Reginald L. Walker
Page 697 - 716

Testing the Predictive Power of Variable History Web Usage
Jos=E9 Borges, Mark Levene
Page 717 - 727

Artificial immune system inspired behavior-based anti-spam filter
Xun Yue, Ajith Abraham, Zhong-Xian Chi, Yan-You Hao, Hongwei Mo
Page 729 - 740

Web shopping expert using new interval type-2 fuzzy reasoning
L. Gu, Y. -Q. Zhang
Page 741 - 751

L-wrappers: concepts, properties and construction
Costin B?dic?, Amelia B?dic?, Elvira Popescu, Ajith Abraham
Page 753 - 772

Scenario to Data Mapping for Chance Discovery Process
Yoshihiro Iwase, Yuta Seo, Yasufumi Takama
Page 773 - 781

Gradual-increase extraction of target baskets as=20
preprocess for visualizing simplified scenario maps by KeyGraph
Tsuneki Sakakibara, Yukio Ohsawa
Page 783 - 790

Communication Gap Management for Fertile Community
Naohiro Matsumura, David E. Goldberg, Xavier Llor=E0
Page 791 - 798

Scenario Violation in Nursing Activities: Nursing=20
Risk Management from the Viewpoint of Chance Discovery
Akinori Abe, Hiromi Itoh Ozaku, Noriaki Kuwahara, Kiyoshi Kogure
Page 799 - 809

CODIRO: A New System for Obtaining Data=20
Concerning Consumer Behavior Based on Data=20
Factors of High Interest Determined by the Analyst
Katsutoshi Yada
Page 811 - 817

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