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   [1] From: Matthew James Driscoll <mjd_at_HUM.KU.DK> (82)
         Subject: PhD fellowship in "Textual criticism and the sociology
                 of texts"

   [2] From: "McAulay, Elizabeth" <emcaulay_at_library.ucla.edu> (26)
         Subject: position announcement: Head, Digital Resources
                 Metadata Section

         Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:43:54 +0000
         From: Matthew James Driscoll <mjd_at_HUM.KU.DK>
         Subject: PhD fellowship in "Textual criticism and the
sociology of texts"

PhD Fellowship (re-advertisement)

"Textual Criticism and the Sociology of Texts"

Applications are invited for a PhD fellowship in "Textual criticism and the
sociology of texts".

The fellowship is funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and
Innovation and is offered jointly through the Georg Brandes School at the
Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, Copenhagen University, and the
Department of Literature, Institute for the Sociology of Literature, Uppsala
University. The successful candidate will be expected to divide his or her
time between Copenhagen and Uppsala, and will be allocated a supervisor from
each institution, the principal supervisor however will be a professor or
associate professor from the University of Copenhagen.

Funding is provided for a research project within the area known as "the
sociology of texts", meaning that texts are regarded not as abstract bearers
of meaning but rather as historical phenomena which have physical
manifestations and are the products of social interaction. This point of
view necessitates an awareness of the factors and agents which are involved
in the cultural processes of production, dissemination and reception, as
texts are constantly recast, re-issued and reinterpreted by different people
at different times.

It is assumed that the research project will combine a theoretical
perspective with a specific body of texts. The research undertaken by the
PhD candidate might focus on one - or combine several - of the following

1. An historical investigation into the various agents involved in textual
production - paper-makers, printers, publishers etc. - and the working
methods and conventions developed in these areas, such as page layout, font
design, orthography and punctuation, marketing strategies and so on.

2. A study of the transmission of an individual work (e.g. a chapbook) or
group of works (e.g. those of a particular author).

3. Scholarly editing, including a discussion of the principles for the
establishment of the text and the provision of commentary.

4. A study of reception, including reviews and criticism in particular
periods and places, reading circles, the history of book collections and
libraries and patterns of readers' behaviour.

5. A consideration, from a text-sociological point of view, of traditional
literary-critical concepts such as the author, authorial intention,
authorisation, textual errors, the model and empirical reader, copyright,
censorship, literary genre and interpretation.

Applicants must possess a Master's Degree or the equivalent or expect to
possess one by May 1, 2007. All applicants must have submitted a thesis and
enclose an assessment of it along with the application.

Appointment as a PhD fellow is subject to the rules of the Faculty of
Humanities. Appointment is conditional upon enrolment as a PhD student at
the Faculty.

Appointment as a PhD fellow is subject to the agreement between the Ministry
of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).

In accordance with this agreement, PhD fellows are obliged - without extra
payment - to accept work corresponding to 840 hours over a three-year

The application must contain:

A project proposal with a full description of the proposed research project
and a realistic plan to meet the requirements concerning participation in
courses, seminars and study trips to other
institutions. The project proposal should not be longer than
12,000 characters (including spaces, but excluding the bibliography); the
total number of characters must be indicated at the end of the project
A CV of no more than one page.
A list of publications.
A degree certificate or a complete transcript.

The recipient of the PhD fellowship will be employed in accordance with the
current agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish
Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).

The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities will appoint an assessment committee.
Upon receipt of the report of the committee each applicant will receive the
specific portion of the committee's assessment pertinent to him/her. The
applicants will only be assessed in relation to the announced position.

Applications are invited from qualified candidates regardless of age, sex,
race, religion or ethnic origin.

Six copies of the application and all enclosures (6 copies of each) must be
sent to: The Rector of the University of Copenhagen, The Faculty of
Humanities, Njalsgade 80, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, with reference to J.nr.

The application deadline is May 2, 2007 at 12:00 (Noon). No enclosures will
be accepted after the deadline.

Information regarding the Danish PhD ministerial order and employment as a
PhD fellow can be obtained by contacting Birgit H=FCttmann, tel.:
+45 35 32 80 54 or e-mail:bhu_at_hum.ku.dk.

For further information about the Fellowship and the Georg Brandes School
please contact Pil Dahlerup phone +45 35 32 83 34 or e-mail: pil_at_hum.ku.dk=

         Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 11:44:45 +0000
         From: "McAulay, Elizabeth" <emcaulay_at_library.ucla.edu>
         Subject: position announcement: Head, Digital Resources
Metadata Section

    Job Posting: UCLA Library Head of Digital Resource Metadata Section

Brief Description

Within the Cataloging & Metadata Center, the Digital Resources Metadata
Section is responsible for the bibliographic control of digital
resources using a number of metadata schema, providing training and
documentation for the use of these standards, and assessment of metadata
services. In support of local digital library work, the section
coordinates metadata creation within the center and/or with other
library and university staff. For selected projects, the section
advises library staff on best practices for metadata standards and
applications. Standards used include Dublin Core, MODS, VRA Core, METS,
XML, etc.

Please see the complete announcement at
sources%20Metadata_January%202007.pdf. Although date for first
consideration is March 1, applications are still being actively

Elizabeth "Lisa" McAulay
Librarian for Digital Collection Development
Digital Library Program
UCLA Library
390 Powell Library Building
Box 957201
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7201
(310) 825-7657
email: emcaulay_at_library.ucla.edu
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