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Dear All,

I am very pleased to welcome the following colleagues to the ACH
Executive Council:

- Dot Porter (U Kentucky)
- Gary Shawver (New York U)
- Natasha Smith (U North Carolina)
- John Walsh (Indiana U)

Thanks very much to all the candidates and to these individuals for
being willing to serve - and thanks also to all who voted. Finally,
thanks to the nominations committee (Ray Siemens, Alan Galey, Steve
Ramsay, Susan Schreibman, Claire Warwick) for preparing such a strong
slate that produced very close results.

The ACH is the Association for Computing in the Humanities and, like
the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC), has
Humanist and the journal Literary and Linguistic Computing as its
official publications. For more information on the ACH please see:



Stéfan (ACH Executive Secretary)
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