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   [1] From: "Humanities" <humanities_at_esf.org> (32)
         Subject: 2007 Call for Proposals EW and EUROCORES themes

   [2] From: "Nicolas Nicolov" <Nicolas_at_umbrialistens.com> (54)
         Subject: Recent Advances in NLP: 2nd CFP

   [3] From: Susan Schreibman <sschreib_at_umd.edu> (59)
         Subject: CFP: TEI Annual Members Meeting

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         From: "Humanities" <humanities_at_esf.org>
         Subject: 2007 Call for Proposals EW and EUROCORES themes

2007 Call for proposals Exploratory Workshops

I am pleased to inform you that the 2007 Call for Exploratory Workshops
proposals - aimed at events to be held in 2008 - is now available on the
ESF website at http://www.esf.org/workshops/call. It can also be
accessed via the EW Homepage or the Units' page dedicated to EWs.
Mention of the Call will also be made on the ESF's Homepage shortly.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 27 April 2007.

2007 Call for proposals EUROCORES themes
We are pleased to inform you that the ESF Call for EUROCORES themes 2007
is now open. The ESF is inviting well developed proposals for new
EUROCORES Programmes (EUROCORES themes) with the deadline of 1 June 2007
(12:00 am CET). The Call for theme proposals is available in pdf version
on the following website: http://www.esf.org/eurocores

Best wishes
Irma Vogel

Irma Vogel
Administrative Assistant
European Science Foundation
Standing Committee for the Humanities
1 quai Lezay Marn=E9sia
F-67080 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 26
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 76 71 81

         Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 07:54:32 +0000
         From: "Nicolas Nicolov" <Nicolas_at_umbrialistens.com>
         Subject: Recent Advances in NLP: 2nd CFP

Second Call for Papers

International Conference RANLP-2007
September 27-29, 2007
Borovets, Bulgaria

Supported by the European Commission through project BIS-21++, INCO
grant 016639/2005

Further to the successful and highly competitive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and
5th conferences 'Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing'
(RANLP), we are pleased to announce the 6th RANLP conference to be held
in September 2007.

The conference will take the form of addresses from invited keynote
speakers plus presentations of peer-reviewed individual papers. All
accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. In
addition, volumes of RANLP selected papers are traditionally published
by John Benjamins Publishing Company (Amsterdam & Philadelphia). There
will also be an exhibition area for poster and demo sessions.

The conference will be preceded by tutorials (23-25 Sep 2007) and
workshops (26 and 30 Sep 2007).


We invite papers reporting on recent advances in all aspects of Natural
Language Processing (NLP). We encourage the representation of a broad
range of areas including but not limited to: pragmatics, discourse,
semantics, syntax, and the lexicon; phonetics, phonology, and
morphology; mathematical models and complexity; text understanding and
generation; multilingual NLP; machine translation, statistical machine
translation, machine-aided translation, translation memory systems,
translation aids and tools; text data mining; corpus-based language
processing; POS tagging; phrase identification; finite state methods;
efficiency of processing; parsing; grammatical frameworks; electronic
dictionaries; knowledge acquisition; terminology; term recognition; term
extraction; word-sense disambiguation; information retrieval;
cross-language information retrieval; information extraction; named
entity and mention detection; anaphora resolution; coreference; relation
extraction; unsupervised methods; text summarization; text
categorization; language indentification; author identification; gender
prediction; spam filtering; topic detection and tracking; question
answering; ontologies and reasoning; textual entailment; sentiment
analysis; opinion identification; influencer analysis; nlp and graph
methods; clustering; visualisation; speech processing; dialogue systems;
multimedia systems; nlp-enhanced visual concept detection; nlp and
interactive visual environments (computer games); unstructured knowledge
management; computer-aided language learning; nlp and collaboration
environments; language resources; evaluation; and theoretical and
application-oriented papers related to NLP of every kind.


- Lauri Karttunen (Palo Alto Research Center and Stanford University)
- Ellen Riloff (University of Utah)
- Karin Verspoor (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
- Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield)


         Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 07:55:14 +0000
         From: Susan Schreibman <sschreib_at_umd.edu>
         Subject: CFP: TEI Annual Members Meeting

Call for Papers

The TEI Members' Meeting
1-3 November 2007
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA
TEI_at_20: 20 Years of Supporting the Digital Humanities

The Organizing Committee of this anniversary TEI Members' Meeting
invites individual paper proposals, panel sessions, and poster/tool
demonstrations on the theme, broadly conceived, 'The TEI_at_20: 20 Years
of Supporting the Digital Humanities'. Topics might include but are
not restricted to

     * Building and using tools for TEI-based text encoding
     * Teaching TEI: Challenges and Opportunities
     * TEI as a theory of text
     * TEI: the next 20 years
     * New career opportunities for those using the TEI
     * Lacunae and omissions: new directions for the TEI

Paper presenters will be allocated 30 minutes to speak, 25 minutes
for delivery, and five minutes for questions.

Alternatively, group sessions can be organized for 1.5 hours each and
may be of varied formats, including:

     * A working papers session (pre-circulated papers)
     * A round-table discussion
     * Software demonstrations

Of the formats described above, a working paper session might be more
appropriate for a smaller group, all of whom have all read the
pre-circulated papers in advance. This type of format may span more
than one session and will be held concurrently with the general session.

Submission Procedure

Individual paper proposals: submit a title, brief abstract (no more
than 500 words), the name of the presenter, institutional
affiliation, and email address.

Panel sessions: submit a session title, brief overview of the session
(no more than 300 words), abstracts of each of the papers (no more
than 500 words each) OR a 500 word abstract for a panel discussion,
the names of each of the participants, their institutional
affiliations, and email addresses.

Poster Session/Tool Demonstration: submit a title, brief abstract (no
more than 500 words), the name of the presenter, institutional
affiliation, and email address. The local organizer will provide a
flip chart and a table for each presenter, along with wireless
internet access. All poster session participants will have an
opportunity to participate in a poster slam immediacy preceding the
poster session/reception.

All submissions should be sent to Conference Chair, Sebastian Rahtz
<sebastian.rahtz[at]oucs.ox.ac.uk> by 6 April 2007.

Conference papers will be considered for a TEI_at_20 Proceedings.
Further details on the submission process will be forthcoming.

Susan Schreibman, PhD
Assistant Dean
Head of Digital Collections and Research
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301 314 0358
Fax: 301 314 9408
Email: sschreib_at_umd.edu
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