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Dear Humanist,

ICT Guides is a new service being offered by the Arts and Humanities
Data Service at King's College, London. It seeks to promote the use
of ICTs in research and learning through cataloging best-practice
digital arts and humanities projects, along with the tools and
methods they employed.

The following new projects have been added to ICT Guides in March.


"PARADISEC (the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in
Endangered Cultures) offers a facility for digital conservation and
access for endangered materials from the Pacific region, defined
broadly to include Oceania and East and Southeast Asia. Our research
group has developed models to ensure that the archive can provide
access to interested communities, and conforms with emerging
international standards for digital archiving" See:

List of New Projects:

-- A critical edition of the Acts and Monuments by John Foxe
-- An Epidoc Corpus of the inscriptions from Aphrodisias in Caria;
the more user friendly version is 'The Inscriptions of Aphrodisias project'
-- Christianization and state-formation in Northern and Central
Europe c.900-c.1200
-- Electronic corpus of Lute music (ECOLM) II
-- English Monastic Archives: Access and Analysis
-- European Critical Heritage : The Reception of British and Irish
Authors in Europe
-- Gendering Latin American Independence: Women's Political Culture
and the Textual Construction of Gender 1790-1850
-- John Ruskin's Teaching Collections
-- PARADISEC (the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in
Endangered Cultures)
-- South Seas Project: Voyaging and Cross-Cultural Encounters in the
Pacific (1760-1800)
-- Race and Labour in the Cane Fields: Documenting Louisiana Sugar,
1844 - 1917
-- Text database of narrative poetry of the Italian Renaissance
-- The Baltic Ceramic Market c. 1200-1600: Hanseatic Trade and
Cultural Exchange (Exchange visit from the British Museum, Dr D Gaimster)
-- The British archaeological expedition to the ancient emporium at
Vetren-Pistiros, central Bulgaria
-- The British Book Trade Index on the Web
-- The Forgotten Migrants: A Cultural History of Postwar British
Migrants Who Returned 'Home' from Australia
-- The Medieval Palace of Westminster Research Project
-- The Parsed Corpus of Early English Correspondence
-- The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the
Theatre of Pompey
-- The York-Toronto-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Old English Prose
-- Urban waterfront geoarchaeology in the Netherlands and the UK: a
comparison (Exchange visit to Archeologisch en Bouhistorisch Centrum,
Gemeente Utrecht, Dr Huib de Groot)
-- Verbum: the old Latin translation of the gospel of John
-- Virtual Vellum

Suggestions for projects most welcome.

Kind Regards,

Craig Bellamy

Dr Craig Bellamy
Research Associate
ICT Guides, AHDS,
King's College, London
26 - 29 Drury Lane
3rd Floor
King's College London
Phone: 020 7848 1976
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