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         Subject: Job Openings at CHNM

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Openings at CHNM -

Post-Doc, Digital History Associate,
Summer Intern Post-Doc in History of Science &
Technology and/or Digital History:

This is a one-year position (with possible
renewal) at the rank of Research Assistant
Professor at the Center for History and New Media
(CHNM), which is closely affiliated with the
Department of History and Art History at George
Mason University. A PhD or advanced ABD in
History or a closely related field is required.

We are especially interested in people with some
or all of the following credentials, but they are
not all required for the position:
1. experience in digital history or digital libraries;
2. strong technical background in new technology and new media;
3. administrative and organizational experience;
4. background in the history of science,
technology, and industry, broadly defined;
5. background in post-1945 U.S. history.

Please send letter of application, CV or resume,
and three letters of recommendation (or dossier)
to chnm_at_gmu.edu or Center for History and New
Media, George Mason University, 4400 University
Drive MS 1E7, Fairfax, VA 22030. Electronic
submissions encouraged. Please use subject line "Digital Historian."

We will begin considering applications 15 March 2006.

Digital History Associate:

The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at
George Mason University is hiring two "Digital
History Associates." We are seeking energetic,
well-organized people who take initiative and
work well collaboratively. We are especially
interested in people with some combination of
research experience, administrative experience,
and web development and programming experience.
These exciting, grant-funded positions are
particularly appropriate for someone with
combined interest in history and technology, but
the only specific requirements are a BA by June
1, 2007, and a demonstrated interest in both history and the web.

Please apply for position #10384Z online at
jobs.gmu.edu and attach both a resume and a cover
letter. We will begin considering applications on
3/15/07 and continue until the positions are filled.

Summer Intern
Humanitties Computing:

The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at
George Mason University is seeking creative,
energetic, well-rounded, and well-organized
college/high school students for 8-12 week paid
summer internships in 2007 at a leading digital
humanities center. Ability to work in a team is
very important. Strong grades are essential.

Preference will be given to those with working
knowledge of one or more of the following:
web- database development in PHP and MySQL;
JavaScript, XML, CSS, and other technologies critical for Firefox=
and command-line Linux system administration.

This is an especially good opportunity for
someone with a combined interest in computing and
history. Please send resume and cover letter with
subject line: "humanities computing internship"
to chnm_at_gmu.edu. We will begin considering
applications on 2/15/07 and will continue until the position is filled.

About CHNM: Since 1994, the Center for History
and New Media at George Mason University has used
digital media and computer technology to change
the ways that people=97scholars,, students, and the
general public=97learn about and use tthe past. We
do that by bringing together the most exciting
and innovative digital media with the latest and
best historical scholarship. We believe that
serious scholarship and cutting edge multimedia
can be combined to promote an inclusive and
democratic understanding of the past as well as a
broad historical literacy that fosters deep
understanding of the most complex issues about
the past and present. CHNM's work has been
internationally recognized for cutting-edge work
in history and new media. Located in Fairfax,
Virginia, CHNM is 15 miles from Washington, DC,
and is accessible by public transportation.

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         From: "Ray Siemens" <siemens_at_uvic.ca>
         Subject: [SDH/SEMI Members] Digital Humanities Summer Institute

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Announcing Additional Scholarships
    and an Extended Deadline (March 8) for the
2007 Digital Humanities Summer Institute
University of Victoria
June 18-22, 2007

We are pleased to announce that, due to the generosity of our
sponsors, we are able to offer additional scholarships spots in our
program. These will be awarded to faculty, staff, and students
working in the digital humanities. We have extended the application
deadline to March 8th, and the application form is available on line at:

Limited travel funding for graduate students is available via
bursaries sponsored by the Association for Computers and the
Humanities. You may apply for the this bursary at the same time as
for Institute scholarships, by indicating on the scholarship
application form that you are a graduate student member of the ACH
and would like to be considered for the ACH bursary.

This year, we are fortunate to be able to highlight several unique
offerings, including the following:

* Susan Schreibman (U Maryland Libraries) is offering an advanced
Text Encoding Consultation.

* Hugh Craig (U Newcastle, NSW) is leading a Master Class in Textual Analysis.

* Dot Porter (U Kentucky) will be leading a seminar on Edition
Production tools.

* Lynne Siemens (U Victoria) will again be leading a consultation on
Project Planning and Management, focusing on
humanities research case studies.

* Stan Ruecker and Alan Galey (U Alberta) are leading an advanced
consultation on Interface Design for Humanities Visualization.

For more information, please visit the institute's website at:
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