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         From: Jerome McGann <jjm2f_at_virginia.edu>
         Subject: NINES: release of a new online research system

NINES is pleased to announce the availability of a new online
research system which will transform the practice of scholarship and
publication in the humanities:


NINES is powered by Collex, a custom-built, open-source tool designed
by and for scholars:

In NINES, you can:

             = search and browse more than 60,000 peer-reviewed texts
and images in 19th-century studies;

             = build your own collections of documents, articles,
images, and ephemera;

             = organize, tag, and annotate your work;

             = discover lines of critical inquiry related to your own;

             = and (coming soon!) create syllabi, annotated
bibliographies, illustrated essays, and timelines.

NINES integrates material from the following major research archives:

             British Women Romantic Poets

             Chesnutt Archive

             Collective Biographies of Women

             Dickinson Virtual Reference Shelf

             Letters of Christina Rossetti

             Letters of Matthew Arnold

             Romantic Circles Praxis

             Romanticism on the Net

             The Ambrose Bierce Project

             The Poetess Archive

             The Rossetti Archive

             The Swinburne Project

             The Walt Whitman Archive

             The Willa Cather Archive

             The William Blake Archive

             Victorian Studies Bibliography

             Whitman Bibliography

Forthcoming are contributions from JSTOR, the Whistler
Correspondence, the journal 19, the Nineteenth-Century Serials
Edition, Virginia's Victorian Literature and Culture Series, and the
Wright American Fiction Project, as well as updated and expanded
information from the Dickinson Project, Romantic Circles, and
Romanticism on the Net.

For more information and to get started, visit:


Jerome McGann
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