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Below please find MITH's spring 2007 Digital Dialogues schedule. We
encourage all colleagues within reach of the University of Maryland,
College Park, to drop by. MITH is located in the unviersity's McKeldin
library. Matt

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
Digital Dialogues and Speakers Schedule
Spring 2007

Tuesdays @12:30 in MITH's Conference Room unless stated otherwise.

Note: this semester MITH will be sharing several of its Digital
Dialogue slots with events sponsored by the Human Computer Interaction
Lab (HCIL) Seminar Series, as indicated on the schedule below. For
more information on those events, please see

2.06 Jason Nelson, (Griffith University, Australia), "Odd and Wondrous
Creatures: Jason Nelson's Traveling Digital Magicke Show."

2.13 Brandon Morse (Art), Artist's Talk.

2.20 @HCIL, Jeff Pierce, (IBM Almaden), "From Personal Computers to
Personal Information Devices." 12:30, 3258 A.V. Williams Bldg.

2.27 Lisa Gitelman (Media Studies, Catholic University), "Xerographers
of the Mind: The Lost Idea of the Photocopy."

3.06 Catherine Hays Zabriskie and Janel Brennan-Tillmann (ARHU),
"Applying Web 2.0 tools to Instruction: Collaborative Website
Development with Wikis and Managing Information Overload with RSS

3.13 Dan Cohen (Center for History and New Media, George Mason),
"Zotero and the Promise of Social Computing in Academia."


3.27 Byron Hawk (English, George Mason), "Identifying Web 2.0:
Remixing Institutional Identities."

W 3.28 Brad Paley (Columbia, didi Esthetics), "Interaction Design as a
Branch of the Humanities: A Healthier Fit than Technology or Computer
Science?" 4:00 pm, 3258 A.V. Williams Bldg. Co-sponsored w/ HCIL.

Th 3.29 Workshop w/ Brad Paley, "Domain- and Task-Specific Tools for
the Humanities: We'll explore what's needed now, what's attainable."
10:00 am, @MITH. Co-sponsored w/ HCIL.

4.03 Randy Bass (American Studies, Georgetown), "Visible Evidence of
Invisible Learning."

4.10 Kate Murray (University Libraries), "Developing Digital Curation
Policies in a Local Context."

4.17 Angel David Nieves (Architecture), "The Politics of Race and
'Serious Gaming' in the Digital Humanities: SOWETO '76 and
Post-Apartheid Archives in the 'New' South Africa," and Merle Collins
(English and Comparative Literature), "Africa to the Caribbean: Saraka
and Nation."

4.24 @HCIL, Stan Ruecker (University of Alberta), "The Research
Potential of Transferability." 12:30, 3258 A.V. Williams Bldg.

5.01 @HCIL, Amy Bruckman (Georgia Tech), "Shaping the Age of
User-Generated Content." 12:30, 3258 A.V. Williams Bldg.

W 5.02 Open mic/mouse electronic literature slam-jam, featuring
visiting writers and artists from the Electronic Literature
Organization, Art/Soc 2203 6:15 pm -??.

Th 5.03 Kenneth Thibodeau and Kate Hayles, MITH/ELO Symposium on "The
Future of Electronic Literature" (http://www.mith2.umd.edu/elo2007/
for registration and other details).

Neil Fraistat, Director
University of Maryland
McKeldin Library B0131
College Park, MD 20742
tel: 301.405.8927
fax: 301.314.7111

Matthew Kirschenbaum
Assistant Professor of English
Associate Director,
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
University of Maryland
301-405-8505 or 301-314-7111 (fax)
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