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31.4 (December 2006)

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 31.4 (December 2006)

Cattermole, Howard
pp. 289-289(1)

Isaac Newton and the mystery of the major sixth: a transcription of
his manuscript 'Of Musick' with commentary
Pesic, Peter
pp. 291-306(16)

Physics and music in nineteenth-century Prussia: Wilhelm Eduard Weber
and precision measurement
Jackson, Myles W.
pp. 307-322(16)

Listening to machines: industrial noise, hearing loss and the
cultural meaning of sound
Bijsterveld, Karin
pp. 323-337(15)

The death and life of digital audio
Sterne, Jonathan
pp. 338-348(11)

Sounds sequential: sonification in the social sciences
Daye, Christian; de Campo, Alberto
pp. 349-364(16)

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