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Volume 5 Number 4 of Software & Systems Modeling
is now available on the SpringerLink web site at http://springerlink.com

Five years of modeling in SoSyM
Robert France, Bernhard Rumpe

MDI: A Rule-based Multi-document and Tool Integration Approach
Alexander Königs, Andy Schürr

Matters of (Meta-) Modeling
Thomas Kühne

More matters on (meta-)modelling: remarks on Thomas Kühne’s “matters”
Wolfgang Hesse

Clarifying matters of (meta-) modeling: an author’s reply
Thomas Kühne

Integration of DFDs into a UML-based Model-driven Engineering Approach
João M. Fernandes, Johan Lilius, Dragos Truscan

UML specification of access control policies and their formal verification
Manuel Koch, Francesco Parisi-Presicce

TURTLE-P: a UML profile for the formal validation
of critical and distributed systems
Ludovic Apvrille, Pierre Saqui-Sannes, Ferhat Khendek

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