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         Subject: International Conference Applying Peirce

Deadline: February 15th, 2007
                              APPLYING PEIRCE
      An International Conference on Peirce's Thought and Its

                            11-13 June 2007
                        University of Helsinki, Finland
        Organized in conjunction with the 9th World Congress
        of the International Association of Semiotic Studies.

                   Up-to date information
               on the conference will be found at


The Program Committee cordially invites papers on any topic in
accordance with the theme of the conference. The Committee is
especially interested in proposals that explore the applicability
of Peirce's thought to current questions and problems in various

The conference will include special sessions on Peirce and

   * logic
   * abductive reasoning
   * communication and rhetoric

Other suitable topics include the use and applicability of Peirce's
thought in

   * contemporary philosophical debates
   * mathematics
   * artificial intelligence
   * cognitive science
   * linguistics
   * literary studies
   * the study of fine arts and design
   * physics
   * biology
   * psychology
   * sociology
   * anthropology

Keynote and plenary speakers include Nathan Houser (Peirce Edition Project,
IUPUI) and Jaakko Hintikka (Boston University). In addition to contributed
papers, the Conference will include invited talks, special sessions and a
workshop on the editing of Peirce's writings.


Deadline for abstracts of 300-500 words is 15 February 2007. Submissions
are made electronically by email attachment to peirce-research_at_helsinki.fi,
and must include two files:

   * A file titled Abstract, including the title and abstract of the paper,
   set up for anonymous review.
   * A separate file titled Author including the title and author
   information, including email address. Please include a note on any AV=
   you may have in this file.
   The file formats .pdf, .rtf and .doc are preferable. You will be sent a
   confirmation note after your submission has been received. If you have not
   received a confirmation in seven days after your submission, please=
   if possible, using an alternative email address.

   All persons making a submission will be notified of the acceptance to the
   Conference program by 31 March 2007.


   Vincent Colapietro (Chair)
   Andr=E9 De Tienne
   Leila Haaparanta
   Risto Hilpinen
   Robert Innis
   J=F8rgen Dines Johansen
   Lorenzo Magnani
   Cheryl Misak
   Ilkka Niiniluoto
   Jaime Nubiola
   Mar=EDa Lucia Santaella
   John Sowa


   Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Chair)
   Henrik Rydenfelt (Secretary)
   Merja Bauters
   Mats Bergman
   Erkki Kilpinen
   Tarja Knuuttila
   Pentti M=E4=E4tt=E4nen
   Sami Paavola
   Sami Pihlstr=F6m

   The conference is arranged by the Helsinki Peirce Research Centre and
   sponsored by the Charles S. Peirce Society and the Philosophical Society=
   Finland. For more information, please email to=
   Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Department of Philosophy; P.O. Box 9, FIN-00014;
   University of Helsinki; Finland).
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