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         From: Lynda Williams <lynda_at_okalrel.org>
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Richard Cunningham's idea sounds exciting. Innovative solutions make
sense to people like me who want to gravitate in the humanities
direction in mid-life. I'm currently doing a Masters in English at the
university where I work as an ed-tech coordinator and have an M.Sc. in
Applied Computing. I am also a novelist. Part time is the best I could
do but I would be very interested in finding ways to be involved in
research or projects that combined scholarly goals and computing

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> From: Richard Cunningham <richard.cunningham_at_acadiau.ca> Subject:
> Re: 20.336 attracting students?
> Willard et al,
> I've been working hard to create and run a humanities computing
> option (not even as well positioned as a program) at a primarily
> undergraduate institution for four years now. I know your question
> is aimed mostly at graduate-level studies, but I wonder if there
> might be some advantage to all if we could conceive of a multi-
> institutional model, wherein students here, for example, are guided
> to take undergraduate courses that will prepare them for, for
> example, your program at the MA level. You might have a list of
> preferred majors (criterion A), with a list of other courses they
> should take (criteria B). If they satisfy criteria A & B, you and
> we can promise them acceptance into your program. In my
> experience, a lot of students would jump at the chance to have
> their student experience last 5 or 6 years instead of 4 or 5, but
> know that a Bachelors degree that they take longer to complete can
> be intellectually rewarding but financially inexcusable.
> I'm not sure this is a workable idea, but thought I'd throw it out
> for discussion. It seems to me that your school and mine have an
> extra advantage in that we are in a (painfully) rural setting and
> you are in an urban setting, and we are in Canada while you're in
> the UK. This could be potentially attractive to students who want
> to experience city life, but not yet, and who want to live abroad.
> As I said, it may not work, but might help start some other lines
> of discussion.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> http://cunningham.acadiau.ca

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   All About Amel fansite (http://www.allamel.co.nr)
   2005 The Courtesan Prince - Edge SF and Fantasy
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