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Volume 10 Number 3-4 of Virtual Reality is now available on the
SpringerLink web site at http://springerlink.com

Guest Editorial
Nick Hedley

"Making it real": exploring the potential of augmented reality for
teaching primary school science
Lucinda Kerawalla, Rosemary Luckin, Simon Seljeflot, Adrian Woolard

Gender differences in spatial navigation in virtual space:
implications when using virtual environments in instruction and assessment
Shelley P. Ross, Ronald W. Skelton, Sven C. Mueller

Applying virtual reality in medical communication education: current
findings and potential teaching and learning benefits of immersive
virtual patients
Benjamin Lok, Richard E. Ferdig, Andrew Raij, Kyle Johnsen, Robert
Dickerson, Jade Coutts, Amy Stevens, D. Scott Lind

Presence: a unique characteristic in educational virtual environments
Tassos A. Mikropoulos

Multi-modal virtual environments for education with haptic and
olfactory feedback
E. Richard, A. Tijou, P. Richard, J.-L. Ferrier

The virtual playground: an educational virtual reality environment
for evaluating interactivity and conceptual learning
Maria Roussou, Martin Oliver, Mel Slater

Virtual reality and its role in removing the barriers that turn
cognitive impairments into intellectual disability
P. J. Standen, D. J. Brown

A model of (en)action to approach embodiment: a cornerstone for the
design of virtual environments for learning
Daniel Mellet-d'Huart

The gain and pain in taking the pilot seat: learning dynamics in a
non immersive virtual solar system
Elhanan Gazit, Yoav Yair, David Chen

Virtual realia: maneuverable computer 3D models and their use in
learning assembly skills
William A. Kealy, Chitra P. Subramaniam

The impact of haptic augmentation on middle school students'
conceptions of the animal cell
James Minogue, M. Gail Jones, Bethany Broadwell, Tom Oppewall

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