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   [1] From: Methnet <methnet_at_KCL.AC.UK> (88)
         Subject: Call for participation: Workshop on Service-Oriented
                 Computing in the Humanities

   [2] From: Ville Nurmi <ville.v.nurmi_at_helsinki.fi> (57)
         Subject: ESSLLI 2007 Student Session - Second Call for Papers

         Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 09:23:23 +0000
         From: Methnet <methnet_at_KCL.AC.UK>
         Subject: Call for participation: Workshop on
Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities

Call for Participation: Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing in the
Humanities (SOCH)

Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities (SOCH)

A joint workshop of the EPSRC Service-Oriented Software Research
Network (SOSoRNet) and the AHRC ICT Methods Network
King=EDs College London, UK, 18-19 December 2006

We are pleased to invite participants to the above workshop.
Participants should register by downloading the form from the
SOSoRNet website (http://sosornet.dcs.kcl.ac.uk) and returning it to
Kiarash Mahdavi (Kiarash.Mahdavi_at_kcl.ac.uk) by 8th December 2006.
Registration is free but places at the workshop are strictly limited
to the first 50 participants.

The draft programme is as follows:

18th December 2006
12:30 Arrival, registration, and lunch
13:30 Welcome
13:35 Introduction to SOSoRNet and the Methods Network
13:45 Keynote Address: Allen Renear, University of Illinois at
Urbana- Champaign
14:45 Service-Oriented Architecture in Archaeology: a joined up
approach to the past: Stuart Dunn, King's College London
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Demonstration of the IBHIS System, Mark Turner, Keele University
16:30 A service-oriented workflow for the ingest and preservation of
complex digital objects at the Arts and Humanities Data Service:
Andreas Mavrides, Mark Hedges, Tobias Blanke, King's College London
17:00 Questions/Plenary Discussion
18:00 Buffet Reception
19:30 Close

19th December 2006
09:30 Coffee
10:00 Keynote Address: David De Roure, University of Southampton
11:00 Coffee
11:30 "Why Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Needs A
'Do-It-Yourself' Service Framework", J.= Stephen Downie, University
of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
12:00 "A Scalable Framework for Multimedia Knowledge Management",
Yves Raimond, Samer Abdallah, Mark Sandler, Mounia Lalmas
12:30 Questions/Plenary Discussion
13:00 Lunch and Close

We look forward to seeing you there!

Nicolas Gold and Lorna Hughes
Directors (respectively) of SOSoRNet and the Methods Network

About SOSoRNet
SOSorNet (http://sosornet.dcs.kcl.ac.uk) is an EPSRC-funded network
to bring together people working in the various communities
associated with service-oriented software e.g. Grid, web services,
application service provision etc. The aim is to promote the cross-
fertilisation of ideas between these communities.

SOSoRNet is organised by:

     * Nicolas Gold, King's College London (network director)
     * Pearl Brereton, Keele University
     * Keith Bennett, David Budgen, Durham University
     * Christos Tjortjis, Nikolay Mehandjiev, John Keane, Paul Layzell,
       Manchester University
     * Jie Xu, Leeds University

To join SOSorNet please email nicolas.gold_at_kcl.ac.uk or

What is SOSoRNet for?
- To share best-practice and research in service-oriented software
- To bring together academic researchers and industrial practitioners
- To promote cross-fertilisation of ideas between communities

Who is it for?
Anyone involved in service-oriented software development and use e.g.
- Grid researchers
- Application service providers
- Users and developers of web services

About AHRC ICT Methods Network
The Methods Network is a multi-disciplinary partnership providing a
national forum for the exchange and dissemination of expertise in the
use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for arts and
humanities research. The aims of the Methods Network are:

- To promote, support and develop the use of advanced ICT methods in
arts and humanities research and to support the cross-disciplinary
network of practitioners from institutions around the UK.
- To develop a programme of activities and publications on advanced
ICT tools and methods and to ensure the broadest participation of the
community by means of an open call for proposals for Methods Network

Further information about the Methods Network can be found at:
http:// www.methodsnetwork.ac.uk

         Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 09:24:14 +0000
         From: Ville Nurmi <ville.v.nurmi_at_helsinki.fi>
         Subject: ESSLLI 2007 Student Session - Second Call for Papers

       [Our apologies for multiple postings of this announcement.]

                       ESSLLI 2007 STUDENT SESSION
                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                    August 6-17 2007, Dublin, Ireland

                       Deadline: February 11, 2007


We are pleased to announce the Student Session of the 19th European
Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, which will be held
in Dublin, Ireland on August 6-17, 2007. We invite submission of papers
in the areas of Logic, Language and Computation for presentation at
the Student Session and for appearance in the proceedings.


Student Session exists to bring together young researchers to present
and discuss their work in progress with a possibility to get feedback
from senior researchers.


Only original publications are accepted, previous published works are
not allowed. All authors of the paper must be students: undergraduate
(before the completion of the Masters degree) or graduate (before the
completion of the PhD degree). Papers can be submitted either for oral
(20min talk+10 min discussion), or poster presentation. There are
three subject areas: Logic and Language (lola), Language and
Computation (laco) and Logic and Computation (loco).

The submissions should be sent by email before 11 February 2007 to
dmitry.sustretov_at_loria.fr (the message should have subject "ESSLLI
STUS submission") along with an identification file in plain text of
the following format:

     Title: title of the submission
     First author: firstname lastname
     Affiliation: affiliation of the first author
     E-mail: e-mail of the first author
     Last author: firstname lastname
     Affiliation: affiliation of the last author
     E-mail: e-mail of the last author
     Abstract: (5 lines)

     Subject area: Logic and Language or
                    Language and Computation or
                    Logic and Computation
     Modality: Poster or Oral

The submission should be in one of the following formats: PostScript,
PDF or RTF. (In case of acceptance, the final version of the paper
will have to be submitted in LaTeX format.) The papers must use single
column A4 size pages, 11pt or 12pt fonts, and standard margins, and
may not exceed 7 pages of length exclusive of references. The paper
and identification file should be named by the following convention:
category-modality-last name(s) of author(s) (for example,
"loco-oral-martin.pdf" and "loco-oral-martin.txt").

At least one of the authors of the paper must register as a
participant of ESSLLI.

Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings which will be
available during ESSLLI.


Submission deadline: February 11, 2007
Notification of authors: April 20, 2007
Full paper deadline: May 20, 2007
ESSLLI: August 6-17, 2007

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