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Dear Humanist,

Announcing a talk by Patrik Svensson
Director of HUMlab, Umea University, and Senior lecturer in the
humanities and information technology

Friday, December 1
4:00pm to 5:00pm
Togo Salmon Hall 203
McMaster University

Title: Visualizing the (Digital) Humanities

Abstract: In this seminar I will start out from a general discussion
of the visual in the humanities and in the digital humanities, and a
critique of traditional 'humanities computing' which tends to be
predominantely textual. I will base my further investigation on
several projects from different areas including art history, history,
antrophology and linguistics. Key points of discussion include the
materiality of interfaces, added values, innovation strategies, and
the role of the visualization. Among relevant technologies are
geographical information systems, multi-spectral analysis and virtual
worlds. Digital culture also gives us highly visual study objects
such as computer games, social software and electronic literature,
and these will be considered. The final part of the talk deals with
physical lab and studio spaces for the digital humanities. How is the
visual articulated in such collaborative work spaces? It will be
suggested that the humanities may benefit from working with many,
individual screens in collaborative settings rather than immersive
environments such as CAVEs. HUMlab at Ume=E5 University will be used a
case study and I will describe a planned (and funded!) expansion of
the lab which will add thirteen new screens to the studio space.


All are welcome,

Geoffrey Rockwell
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