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Volume 11 Number 1 of Personal and Ubiquitous
Computing is now available on the SpringerLink
web site at http://springerlink.com

Experiences in developing mobile applications using the Apricot Agent Platform
Author(s) Arto Koskela, Juha Röning, Henri
Löthman, Petteri Alahuhta, Heli Helaakoski

The reflective mobile agent paradigm implemented in a smart office environment
Author(s) T. Ungerer, J. Petzold, H. Schick, F. Bagci, W. Trumler

A file system for system programming in ubiquitous computing
Author(s) Till Riedel, Michael Beigl, Christian Decker, Albert Krohn

Automated context aggregation and file annotation for PAN-based computing
Author(s) Alexandros Karypidis, Spyros Lalis

Design for emergence: experiments with a mixed reality urban playground game
Author(s) Bas Raijmakers, Josephine Reid, Yanna
Vogiazou, Erik Geelhoed, Marc Eisenstadt

Improving service matching and selection in
ubiquitous computing environments: a user study
Author(s) Jasper Lindenberg, Kim Kranenborg,
Wouter Pasman, Mark A. Neerincx, Joris Stegeman

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