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   [1] From: "UCHRI" <uchri_at_uci.edu> (5)
         Subject: Residential Fellowships Academic Year 2007-08

   [2] From: "Patrik Svensson" <patrik.svensson_at_humlab.umu.se> (54)
         Subject: Postdoctoral fellowships in Digital Humanities at

         Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 07:20:42 +0000
         From: "UCHRI" <uchri_at_uci.edu>
         Subject: Residential Fellowships Academic Year 2007-08

The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI)
invites proposals for the following program. Application deadline
for the program below is December 10, 2006:

Residential Fellowships Academic Year 2007-08


         Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 07:21:52 +0000
         From: "Patrik Svensson" <patrik.svensson_at_humlab.umu.se>
         Subject: Postdoctoral fellowships in Digital Humanities at HUMlab

Postdoctoral fellowships in Digital Humanities at HUMlab

Four postdoctoral fellowships in digital humanities are available at HUMlab,
Umea University, Sweden from January 1, 2007 (the actual start date may be
later). The postdoctoral fellowships are for one year with a possible
extension of one year. Applicants will be expected to have a Ph.D. in a
humanities discipline and a specialty in any of four research areas (see
below). In exceptional cases, other areas and backgrounds can be of interest
as well.

HUMlab is an internationally recognized center for the humanities and
information technology. The postdoctoral fellowships are part of a new
large-scale initiative to support research in digital humanities at Ume=E5
University. The primary focus is on four research areas: participatory
media, digital cultural heritage, digital art and electronic literature. As
part of this initiative, the physical space of the lab will be nearly
doubled during 2007 (total area of studio space: 6000+ square feet). Our
long-term goal is to establish a national and international center of
excellence in the humanities and information technology.

HUMlab is a lively and convivial studio space with a wide variety of
activities, research, technologies and cross-disciplinary interaction. It is
expected that you will contribute to such an environment and that you also
share our interest in working with traditional humanities disciplines and
other related areas. All postdoctoral positions will be affiliated with both
HUMlab and an appropriate department at the Humanities faculty. You must
have a PhD degree in a humanities discipline from an international
(non-Swedish) university. You will be expected to participate actively in
any of the four research groups associated with the initiative. You will,
therefore, need to live in Ume=E5 during the post doctoral period.

The salary will be in the range of 15 500-17 000 SEK a month (tax free)
depending on experience and family situation. Other benefits may be
negotiated. The positions are open to applicants who do not have a Swedish
citizenship. Accepted postdoctoral researchers will have full access to the
facilities of HUMlab, special resources for the specified research area and
different kinds of support. It is possible to start as early as on January
1, 2007, but the start date is negotiable. The postdoctoral fellowships have
been made possible through generous support from the Kempe Foundations.

Your application should be submitted by November 30, 2006.

The application should include a complete CV, two letters of recommendation,
and a letter of application with a description of your postdoctoral project,
including alignment with the chosen research area, the purpose of the
project and expected outcome (limit: 2,500 words).

Your application should be sent to medel_at_diarie.umu.se (preferred) or by
post to Registrator, Ume=E5 University, 901 87 Ume=E5, Sweden. Make sure to
specify the following reference number: 315-3985-06.

Please feel free to contact

Dr. Patrik Svensson, Director of HUMlab
Email: patrik.svensson_at_humlab.umu.se. Phone: Int + 46 90 786 7913.


Professor Kjell Jonsson, Chair of the HUMlab Steering Group
Email: kjell.jonsson_at_humlab.umu.se. Phone: Int + 46 90 786 9680

for more information.

See http://blog.humlab.umu.se/ for more information about HUMlab.

More detailed information about the research initiative, associated research
areas and practical matters can be found here:
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