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         Subject: Help virtual heritage by taking the online SAVE survey!

Dear Colleague,

At last week's conference of Computer & Archaeology in Vienna,
Austria, the final plenary session focused on defining the top
priority for those of us engaged in developing virtual heritage. The
answer: creating a means of publishing and preserving our work. It is
high time that we had something like a traditional peer-reviewed
journal for 3D models and scan data of cultural sites and monuments.
It is the goal of the SAVE project to start such a journal--online,
of course! With your help, we can take an important step toward
realizing this goal.

The Serving and Archiving Virtual Environments (SAVE) project has
the goals of offering the creators of scientific 3D models of
cultural heritage sites the opportunity to have an outlet for the
peer-reviewed publication of their work over the Internet; to ensure
that their work is preserved for future generations; and to protect
the intellectual property rights of the creators as well as the
integrity of the models themselves. The project is administered by a
collaborative group of computer scientists and humanists and is
funded by the National Science Foundation. Our work is presently in
the initial phase of feasibility and needs assessment study. We have
made this posting because we need your help to answer two essential questions:
     * Do scholars creating 3D computer models of cultural heritage
sites perceive the need for a peer-reviewed, central online
repository for archiving and distributing their work?
     * Do scholars perceive a need for improved security for 3D
models, particularly models such as scans or hand-made
reconstructions of cultural heritage sites and artifacts?

We would be very grateful if you could take the time to fill out our
survey, which contains 21 questions focused around these two main
points. We estimate it will take up to 15 minutes of your time.

The URL where you can find the survey is:


Thank you very, very much for your help!
Bernard Frischer, Investigator
SAVE Project
c/o Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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