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Volume 10 Number 2 of Virtual Reality is now
available on the SpringerLink web site at http://springerlink.com

Special Issue: Editorial
Author(s) Leonie Schäfer, Steffi Beckhaus

Collaborative virtual sculpting with haptic feedback
Author(s) Chris Gunn

Virtual environments for creative work in collaborative music-making
Author(s) Michael F. Schober

Carpeno: interfacing remote collaborative virtual
environments with table-top interaction
Author(s) Joerg Hauber, Mark Billinghurst, Holger Regenbrecht, Michael Haller

Multi-user mixed reality system ‘Gulliver’s
World’: a case study on collaborative edutainment
at the intersection of material and virtual worlds
Author(s) Hirokazu Kato, Daniela Kuka, Roland
Haring, Christopher Lindinger, Horst Hörtner

Factors influencing flow of object focussed
collaboration in collaborative virtual environments
Author(s) David Roberts, Oliver Otto, Ilona Heldal, Robin Wolff

The design and realization of CoViD: a system for
collaborative virtual 3D design
Author(s) Loutfouz Zaman, Andriy Pavlovych,
Ji-Young Oh, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Musical creativity in collaborative virtual environments
Author(s) Tim Barrass, Stephen Barrass

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