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         Subject: chat with Stephanie Strickland 10/17 *New Chat
System* (LEAD)

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

:: Live chat with poet Stephanie Strickland, discussing the 11
Dimensions of E-Poetry and other topics.
:: Chat date: Friday, October 20.
:: 10 am West Coast US / 1 pm East Coast USA / 7 pm Paris FR / 3 am
Melbourne AU
:: LEAD is an open forum around the New Media Poetics special issue
of Leonardo Electronic Almanac <http://leoalmanac.org/>

* For tomorrow's chat only, we are experimenting with different chat
software: PloneChat, a brower-based chat program hosted at the Center
for Literary Computing. This program is less robust than jabber but
does not require you to download a client and will not be blocked by
firewalls that block instant messaging clients.

* The url for the chat is
here: http://clc.as.wvu.edu:8080/clc/projects/leonardo. We will
return to the regular system - using jabber - for upcoming chats (see
the schedule below).

* You need a username and password to access the chat. Email
charles.baldwin_at_mail.wvu.edu with the subject line "strickland chat"
to receive a username and password.

* Also, please note the dates and times for the next two chats (using
the jabber chat program):
Manuela Portela 10/23 1 pm West Coast US / 4 pm East Coast USA / 10
pm Paris FR / 6 am Melbourne AU
Jason Nelson 10/24 10 am West Coast US / 1 pm East Coast USA / 7 pm
Paris FR / 3 am Melbourne AU


Stephanie Strickland Biography

Stephanie Strickland is both a print and digital hypermedia poet. Her
Poem V is an intermedial work consisting of a double poetry book from
Penguin(V: WaveSon.nets/Losing L'una), a Web component cited at book
center(Vniverse, http://vniverse.com, created with Cynthia Lawson),
and a supplementary interactive Flash poem (Errand Upon Which We
Came, created with M.D. Coverley,
http://califia.hispeed.com/Errand/title1a.htm). Strickland's poems
True North, http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/TrueNorth.html, and The
Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot,
http://wordcircuits.com/gallery/sandsoot/, have won simultaneous
awards in both print and electronic forms.

Strickland's essays about electronic literature appear online in ebr
(Electronic Book Review) and in collections from MIT Press and
Intellect Press (England). As the McEver Chair in Writing at the
Georgia Institute of Technology, she created and produced
TechnoPoetry Festival 2002. She has taught hypermedia literature as
part of experimental poetry at many universities and serves on the
board of the Electronic Literature Organization.
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