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   [1] From: "UCHRI Communications" <uchri_at_uci.edu> (12)
         Subject: REMINDER - UCHRI Calls for Proposals

   [2] From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty_at_kcl.ac.uk> (115)
         Subject: AHRC ICT Methods Network funding

         Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:19:03 +0100
         From: "UCHRI Communications" <uchri_at_uci.edu>
         Subject: REMINDER - UCHRI Calls for Proposals

The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI)
invites proposals for various programs. Application deadlines for
the programs below are October 15, 2006, unless otherwise
noted. RFPs for other UCHRI programs will be forthcoming.

Conferences and Seminars 2007-08:

Collaborative Compositions 2007-08:

Extramural Explorations 2007-08:

UC-U Utrecht Collaborative Grants 2006-07:
*Deadline: November 1, 2006

         Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:20:19 +0100
         From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty_at_kcl.ac.uk>
         Subject: AHRC ICT Methods Network funding

Apply for Funding from the AHRC ICT Methods Network -- Deadline 31 December=

The AHRC ICT Methods Network invites the arts and
humanities Higher Education community in the UK
to submit proposals for Methods Network
activities. Activities may include workshops,
seminars, focused workgroups, postgraduate training events and publications.

The Methods Network is keen to support both
single and cross-disciplinary proposals and those
that encourage new collaborative frameworks
between technical specialists and arts and
humanities scholars. The primary emphasis is on
the use and reuse of digital resources.

Proposals for hybrid activities such as
workshop/seminar/workgroup combinations are also
welcomed, as are proposals for any other activity
which falls within the Methods Network remit to
support and promote the uses of advanced ICT methods in academic research.

Funding of up to =A35000 is available for workshops
and hybrid activities. Workshops provide
training in advanced ICT methods for community
members within academic institutions. They engage
with issues such as: formal methods in analysis
of source data and the creation of technical
models; working with multiple technologies; and
other matters of vital practical interest to the community.

Funding of up to =A32000 is available for
seminars. These may concentrate on
highly-defined topics of interest and also
problem areas within the community or may have a more general focus.

For information on eligibility and how to apply
for funding see the Methods Network website

For further information about submitting a
proposal contact Hazel Gardiner

Forthcoming Methods Network Funded Activities

We welcome applications from individuals who
would like to attend Methods Network workshops
and seminars, but must emphasise that
registration is essential for these
activities. Participants are also expected to
make an active contribution to the activity.
Occasionally a Methods Network event will be by
invitation only, but all resulting materials,
including (where appropriate) podcasts, wikis,
training workbooks, reports and publications will
be made freely available to the community via the
Methods Network website. All enquiries about
registration for the Methods Network activities
listed below should be sent by email to
<mailto:methnet_at_kcl.ac.uk>methnet_at_kcl.ac.uk. For
further information about the following
activities see the Methods Network website.

Visualization and Remote Sensing for the Arts and
Humanities: An Access Grid Support Network - A
workshop organized by Vince Gaffney, Institute
for Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham (October 2006).

Film, Visualization, Narrative - A seminar run by
Adam Ganz, Royal Holloway, University of London (17 November 2006).

Technical Innovation in Art Historical Research:
Opportunities and Problems - A seminar run by
Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, The Courtauld Institute of
Art and King's Visualization Lab, CCH, King's
College, London and Tim Benton, Open University (20 November 2006).

Advanced Technologies for Collaborative
Performance - A workshop run by Alan Blackwell,
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge (December 2006).

Approaches to the Forensic Investigation of
Primary Textual Materials - A workshop run by
Andrew Prescott, Humanities Research Institute,
University of Sheffield (January 2007).

Theoretical Approaches to Virtual Representations
of Past Environments - A workshop run by Kate
Devlin, Goldsmiths College, University of London (March 2007).

New Protocols for Electroacoustic Music Analysis
- A workshop run by Leigh Landy, De Montfort
University, Leicester (13 June 2007).

Recent activities sponsored by the Methods Network

Open Source Critical Editions - A workshop run by
Juan Garces, Centre for Computing in the
Humanities, King=92s College, London (22 September 2006).

Development of Skills in Advanced Text Encoding
with TEI P5 - A workshop run by Lou Burnard,
Sebastian Rahtz and James Cummings, Oxford University (18-20 September=

The Future of Information Technology in Music
Research and Practice - A workshop run by Dave
Meredith, Goldsmiths College, University of London (8 September 2006).

Historical Text Mining - A workshop organized by
Paul Rayson, Lancaster University and Dawn
Archer, University of Central Lancashire (20-21 July 2006).

Digital Restoration for Damaged Documents - A
workshop organized by Julia Craig-McFeely,
<http://www.diamm.ac.uk/>DIAMM, Royal Holloway,
University of London (29 June 2006).

Large-Scale Manuscript Digitization - A workshop
organized by Peter Robinson, Institute of Textual
Scholarship and Electronic Editing, Birmingham
University and Marilyn Deegan, Centre for
Computing in the Humanities, King's College London, (5 June 2006).

Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature -
A workshop organized by the Oxford Text Archive,
Oxford University (17-18 May 2006).

Digital Visibility: A Workshop on Neglected
Digital Resources - A workshop co-sponsored with
the LAIRAH project at University College London (26 April 2006).

Making 3D Visual Research Outcomes Transparent -
A symposium co-sponsored by the Methods Network,
King's Visualization Lab, and PIN, Prato, Italy/EPOCH (23-25 February 2006).

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