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The Digital Document Quarterly newsletter volume 5 number 3 is
available at

In its Digital Preservation section it contains short summaries and
the abstract of a D-Lib Magazine submission whose title is Digital
Preservation in a National Context: Questions and Views of an NDIIPP Outsider.

DDQ 5(2) continues with two squibs about document security, pointers
to articles for people who might want to create personal digital
libraries, and the confession of a DDQ 2(1) logical mistake regarding
the Russell Paradox.

In addition to the usual News and Practical Matters for personal
computing sections, DDQ 5(3) contains book recommendations to Michael
Friedman's A Parting of the Ways: Carnap, Cassirer, and Heidegger and
to the classic British History satire, 1066 and All That.

Readers' comments and criticisms are invited.

Best wishes, Henry

H.M. Gladney,
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