20.198 CFPs for Digital Humanities 2007 and WoLLIC'2007

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   [1] From: "Dot Porter" <dporter_at_uky.edu> (26)
         Subject: CFP: Session "DH & Single Scholar" at DH2007

   [2] From: Amy Earhart <aearhart_at_tamu.edu> (16)
         Subject: CFP "Digital Humanities and Open Source" session at
                 Digital Humanities 2007

   [3] From: Ruy de Queiroz <ruy_at_cin.ufpe.br> (94)
         Subject: WoLLIC'2007 - Call for Papers

         Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:24:38 +0100
         From: "Dot Porter" <dporter_at_uky.edu>
         Subject: CFP: Session "DH & Single Scholar" at DH2007

Session on "Digital Humanities and the Single Scholar" at Digital
Humanities 2007, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

No, it's not a dating club. I'm interesting in small scale projects -
small in terms of staff and funding, not in terms of vision! This
session will focus on the needs and requirements of digital projects
with only one or two editors who may have to deal with limitations of
funding (no money to pay students or consultants) and/or technical
experience (I have to learn the TEI?). How can we deal with or
overcome these disadvantages? Can we even use such limitations to our

Please send a few paragraphs describing a paper that you might
contribute to this session to me, Dot Porter, at dporter_at_uky.edu, by
October 1. Authors selected for the session will need to provide a
750-1500 word abstract in accordance with the DH2007 CFP

Dot Porter, University of Kentucky
Program Coordinator
Collaboratory for Research in Computing for Humanities
dporter_at_uky.edu          859-257-9549
Editorial Assistant, REVEAL Project
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments
         Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:25:59 +0100
         From: Amy Earhart <aearhart_at_tamu.edu>
         Subject: CFP  "Digital Humanities and Open Source" session 
at Digital  Humanities 2007
Call for Papers, "Open Source and Digital Humanities" session at
Digital Humanities 2007, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
This session will focus on the possibility of utilizing various
aspects of open source in Digital Humanities.  Topics include using
open source tools in Digital Humanities projects, incorporating the
open source development community and methodologies in academic
Digital Humanities projects, and intellectual property issues in the
open source context.  I am especially interested in papers that
consider how the open source movement impacts traditional academic
work and how we might engage the open source community in our projects.
Please send a brief abstract (1/2-1 page) describing a paper that you
might contribute to this session to Amy Earhart (aearhart_at_tamu.edu)
by October 5, 2006. If selected you will need to submit  a 750-1500
word abstract.
Amy Earhart
Department of English
Texas A&M University
         Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:30:10 +0100
         From: Ruy de Queiroz <ruy_at_cin.ufpe.br>
         Subject: WoLLIC'2007 - Call for Papers
                                 Call for Papers
           14th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
                            Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                                July 2-5, 2007
      WoLLIC is an annual international forum on inter-disciplinary research
      involving formal logic, computing and programming theory, and natural
      language and reasoning.  Each meeting includes invited talks 
and tutorials
      as well as contributed papers.
      The Fourteenth WoLLIC will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from
      July 2 to July 5, 2007, and sponsored by the Association for
Symbolic Logic
      (ASL), the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL),
      the European Association for Logic, Language and Information
      (FoLLI), the European Association for Theoretical Computer
Science (EATCS),
      the Sociedade Brasileira de Computacao (SBC), and the Sociedade
      Brasileira de Logica (SBL).
      Contributions are invited on all pertinent subjects, with particular
      interest in cross-disciplinary topics.  Typical but not exclusive
      areas of interest are: foundations of computing and programming;
      novel computation models and paradigms; broad notions of proof 
and belief;
      formal methods in software and hardware development; logical approach to
      natural language and reasoning; logics of programs, actions and 
      foundational aspects of information organization, search, flow, sharing,
      and protection.
      Proposed contributions should be in English, and consist of a scholarly
      exposition accessible to the non-specialist, including motivation,
      background, and comparison with related works.
      They must not exceed 10 pages (in font 10 or higher), with up to
      5 additional pages for references and technical appendices.
      The paper's main results must not be published or submitted
      for publication in refereed venues, including journals and other
      scientific meetings.
      It is expected that each accepted paper be presented at the meeting by
      one of its authors.
      Papers must be submitted electronically at
      A title and single-paragraph abstract should be submitted by
      February 23, and the full paper by March 2 (firm date).
      Notifications are expected by April 13, and final papers for
      the proceedings will be due by April 27 (firm date).
      Proceedings, including both invited and contributed papers,
      will be published in advance of the meeting.
      Publication venue TBA.
      ASL sponsorship of WoLLIC'2007 will permit ASL student members to
      apply for a modest travel grant (deadline: April 1, 2007).
      See www.aslonline.org/studenttravelawards.html for details.
      February 23, 2007: Paper title and abstract deadline
      March 2, 2007: Full paper deadline (firm)
      April 12, 2007: Author notification
      April 26, 2007: Final version deadline (firm)
      Samson Abramsky (U Oxford)
      Michael Benedikt (Bell Labs)
      Lars Birkedal (ITU Copenhagen)
      Andreas Blass (U Michigan)
      Thierry Coquand (Chalmers U, Goteborg)
      Jan van Eijck (CWI, Amsterdam)
      Marcelo Finger (U Sao Paulo)
      Rob Goldblatt (Victoria U, Wellington)
      Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Redmond)
      Hermann Haeusler (PUC Rio)
      Masami Hagiya (Tokyo U)
      Joseph Halpern (Cornell U)
      John Harrison (Intel UK)
      Wilfrid Hodges (U London/QM)
      Phokion Kolaitis (IBM Almaden Research Center)
      Marta Kwiatkowska (U Birmingham)
      Daniel Leivant (Indiana U) (Chair)
      Maurizio Lenzerini (U Rome)
      Jean-Yves Marion (LORIA Nancy)
      Dale Miller (Polytechnique Paris)
      John Mitchell (Stanford U)
      Lawrence Moss (Indiana U)
      Peter O'Hearn (U London/QM)
      Prakash Panangaden (McGill, Montreal)
      Christine Paulin-Mohring (Paris-Sud, Orsay)
      Alexander Razborov (Steklov, Moscow)
      Helmut Schwichtenberg (Munich U)
      Jouko Vaananen (U Helsinki)
      Marcelo da Silva Correa (U Fed Fluminense)
      Renata P. de Freitas (U Fed Fluminense)
      Ana Teresa Martins (U Fed Ceara')
      Anjolina de Oliveira (U Fed Pernambuco)
      Ruy de Queiroz (U Fed Pernambuco, co-chair)
      Petrucio Viana (U Fed Fluminense, co-chair)
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