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   [1] From: "Charles Baldwin" <Charles.Baldwin_at_mail.wvu.edu> (12)
         Subject: BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media, 9/15-9/17

   [2] From: Miki Hermann <Miki.Hermann_at_lix.polytechnique.fr> (22)
         Subject: LPAR 2006 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Call for

         Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 06:51:19 +0100
         From: "Charles Baldwin" <Charles.Baldwin_at_mail.wvu.edu>
         Subject: BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media, 9/15-9/17

BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media, West Virginia University,
Morgantown, WV. September 15-17, 2006. More information, including a
complete schedule at: http://clc.as.wvu.edu:8080/clc//bios_flyer

BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media is an interdisciplinary
symposium gathering artists and scholars to WVU for an exploration of
the re-invention of life in digital media. The program combines talks
and creative work / performances along broad and inclusive lines.

Hosted by the Center for Literary Computing and the Division of Art at
West Virginia University. Part of the E-Poetry Symposia and Festivals.
Co-organized with the Electronic Poetry Center and Digital Media Studies
Program (SUNY-Buffalo). Support from the WVU Department of English, the
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Art. All
events are free and open to the public.

         Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 06:52:09 +0100
         From: Miki Hermann <Miki.Hermann_at_lix.polytechnique.fr>
         Subject: LPAR 2006 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Call for Participation

LPAR-13 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/~hermann/LPAR2006/ 13th-17th November 2006

                          Call for Participation

The 13th International Conference on Logic for Programming Artificial
Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-13) will be held 13th-17th November 2006,
at the Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Registration is open now for both regular participants and accopanying

Please, find the registration on the web page


Do not forget to reserve your hotel room. The hotel reservation form
can be found at


Local Information (a new window pops up) can be found at


The most important part of it are the

                             Visa Regulations

which can be found at


All these pages are, of course, accessible from LPAR 2006 main page.

                  Cambodia ... Land of LPAR and Pagodas
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