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>From: Chiyuma Elliott <chiyuma_at_stanford.edu>
>Date: August 25, 2006 1:21:29 PM CDT
>Announcement of Digital Humanities Fellowship
>The Stanford Humanities Center seeks to award one Digital
>Humanities fellowship for the academic year 2007-2008 to a junior
>or senior scholar. Fellows are in residence at the Center during
>the regular academic year (September to June) and participate in
>the Center's intellectual life, sharing ideas and work in progress
>with a diverse community of scholars from across the spectrum of
>academic fields and ranks. The Digital Humanities
>fellowshipapplication deadline is October 16, 2006. We would
>appreciate it if you would share this information with colleagues
>who may be interested.
>The Digital Humanities Fellowship reflects the Stanford Humanities
>Center's commitment to supporting new directions in humanities
>research. The fellowship is intended for humanities scholars whose
>research methods are critically shaped by information technology.
>Projects should be oriented to producing new research outcome
>rather than focusing primarily on the creation of archives or
>software. archival in focus. Appropriate projects will approach
>significant questions in humanistic study with the aid of new
>research tools or methodologies. Especially appropriate are
>candidates whose research is likely to contribute to intellectual
>exchange among a diverse group of scholars within the disciplines
>of the humanities.
>Applicants with Ph.D.s awarded in or before September 2004 are
>eligible to apply for 2007-2008 fellowships. Fellows are awarded
>stipends of up to $55,000. In addition, a housing and moving
>allowance of up to $10,000 is offered, dependent upon need.
>For the online application and more information, please see our
>email: shc-fellowships_at_stanford.edu
>phone: (650) 723-3054

>Chi Elliott
>Fellowship Program Manager
>Stanford Humanities Center
>424 Santa Teresa Street, Room 151
>Stanford, CA 94305-4015
>(650) 723-3054
>FAX (650) 723-1895
>E-mail: chiyuma_at_stanford.edu
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