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Lit Linguist Computing -- Table of Contents Alert

A new issue of Literary and Linguistic Computing
has been made available:

September 2006; Vol. 21, No. 3

URL: http://llc.oxfordjournals.org/content/vol21/issue3/index.dtl?etoc

Original Articles

   A New Approach to the Study of Translationese: Machine-learning the
   Difference between Original and Translated Text
          Marco Baroni and Silvia Bernardini
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:259-274.

   The Evolution of Order in the Chapter Lengths of Trollope's Novels
          Peter Fink
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:275-282.

   A Small-Corpus-Based Approach to Alice's Roles
          Akiko Inaki and Tomoko Okita
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:283-294.

   Computerized Restoration of Historical Dictionaries: Uniformization and
   Date-assigning in Dictionary Quotations of the Woordenboek der
   Nederlandsche Taal
          Dirk Kinable
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:295-310.

   A Tool for Literary Studies: Intertextual Distance and Tree Classification
          Cyril Labbe and Dominique Labbe
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:311-326.

   Cryogenics and Creativity: The Frankenstein Factor in Cultural
          Eileen Maitland and Cordelia Hall
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:327-339.

   Graphical Editor for Manuscripts
          Desmond Schmidt
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:341-351.

   Optimal Strategies for Accurate Transcription
          Matthew Spencer and Christopher J. Howe
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:353-362.

   Computing Error: Reassessing Austin's Study of Groatsworth of Wit
          Richard Westley
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:363-378.


   'Counterfeiting' Shakespeare: Evidence, Authorship and John Ford's
   Funerall Elegye. * Brian Vickers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
   2002. 596 pp. ISBN 0-521-77243-5. {pound}55.00 (hardback).
          Jonathan Hope
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:379-380.

   Form and Function of Parasyntactic Presentation Structures: Corpus-based
   Study of Talk Units in Spoken English. * Joybrato Mukherjee. Language and
   Computers: Studies in Practical Linguistics, Vol. 35. Amsterdam: Rodopi,
   2001. viii + 163 pp. ISBN 90-420-1295-1. {euro} 41/US$ 55 (hardback).
          Gerry Knowles
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:380-382.

   New Frontiers of Corpus Research. Papers from the Twenty First
   International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized
   Corpora. Sydney 2000 (Language and Computers: Studies in Practical
   Linguistics 36). * Pam Peters, Peter Collins, and Adam Smith (eds).
   Amsterdam-New York, NY: Rodopi, 2002. 332 pp. ISBN 90-420-1237-4.
   $108/{euro}80 (hardback).
          Merja Kyto
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:382-384.

   Corpora and Discourse. Proceedings of CamConf2002. Linguistic Insights 9.
   Studies in Language and Communication. * Alan Partington, John Morley, and
   Louann Haarman (eds). Bern: Peter Lang., 2004. 420 pages. ISSN 1424-8689.
   ISBN 3-03910-026-2. US-ISBN 0-8204-6262-4.
          Nelleke Oostdijk
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:384-386.
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