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Willard and Herbert,

Very pleased to read a reader's meticulous reading and find (invent)
once again the productivity of error.

> BTW: some uncritical thinker could be amused seeing the long way
from "which
> the French call 'vulgarisation'" (1996, Sept) to "the teeming vulagrity of
> domains" (2006,Aug). But Google voting suggests a quite common error:
> about 4,5
> Mio. hits for "vulgarity" against only 767 hits seaching for "vulagrity").

the matricial grittiness and volume of vulgarity...

I am reminded of Gregory Ulmer, _Teletheory: Gramatology in the Age
of Video_ (Rutledge, 1989). In that
book is sketched out a story about the place of euretics in academic
discourse and the convergence of
rhetorical _inventio_ with innovation. The story draws in part on
Freud's work on wit.

Francis Bacon in the essay "Of Innovations" remarks "that a froward
retention of custom, is as turbulent a
thing as an innovation."

yes "froward" is not quite the same as "forward" :)
and with time enough and custom "vulagrity" and "vulgarity" may
become dyslexical twins (:

Francois Lachance, Scholar-at-large
~~~ to be surprised by machines: wistly and sometimes wistfully
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