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Call for papers


Tarragona, Spain, March 29 - April 4, 2007




LATA 2007 intends to become a major yearly conference in theoretical
computer science and its applications. As linked to the International
PhD School in Formal Languages and Applications that is being
developed at the host institute since 2001, it will reserve
significant room for young computer scientists at the beginning of
their career. LATA 2007 will aim at attracting scholars from both
classical theory fields and application areas (bioinformatics,
systems biology, language technology, artificial intelligence, etc.).


Topics of either theoretical or applied interest include, but are not
limited to:

- words, languages and automata
- grammars (Chomsky hierarchy, contextual, multidimensional,
unification, categorial, etc.)
- grammars and automata architectures
- combinatorics on words
- language varieties and semigroups
- algebraic language theory
- computability
- computational, descriptional, communication and parameterized complexity
- patterns and codes
- regulated rewriting
- trees, tree languages and tree machines
- term rewriting
- graphs and graph transformation
- power series
- fuzzy and rough languages
- cellular automata
- DNA and other models of bio-inspired computing
- quantum, chemical and optical computing
- biomolecular nanotechnology
- automata and logic
- automata for verification
- automata, concurrency and Petri nets
- parsing
- weighted machines
- foundations of finite state technology
- grammatical inference and learning
- symbolic neural networks
- text retrieval and pattern recognition
- string and combinatorial issues in computational biology and bioinformatics
- mathematical evolutionary genomics
- language-based cryptography
- compression
- circuit theory and applications
- language theoretic foundations of artificial intelligence and artificial life


LATA 2007 will consist of:

- 3 invited talks (to be announced in the second call for papers)
- 2 tutorials (to be announced in the second call for papers)
- refereed contributions
- open sessions for discussion in specific subfields
- young sessions on professional issues

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