18.657 no long term without the cash

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         From: Dennis Moser <aldus_at_angrek.com>
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I find this message extremely disturbing, considering that TS was being
hosted by state-supported "virtual" university. Yes, I understand that MVU
is NOT a "state" university, but rather, it has operates with the good will
of the State of Michigan. But that REALLY doesn't change the fact that they
are pulling the plug on this resource.

One of the distrubing aspects of this is the impermanence...did MVU PLAN
for the long-term care and preservation of the digital resources that had
been created and that they were hosting? Hard to believe that they did...I
have seen far too many digitization projects moulder away as the bodies
that implemented them failed to plan for their long-term support. Better to
say up front that the project will go away after a certain date than to do
something like this.

If there is someone out there who can do something about this, they might
look at this new resource:


...it's new, so they are suffering some pretty serious traffic right now.
But it's free and they say they want things to be as permanent as can be made.

My $1.00 US (rates are up due to inflation!)

Dennis Moser

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>The purpose of this note is to alert you that TS will no longer be
>available on the Internet after March 31, 2005 unless MVU finds a sponsor
>or sponsors willing to pay $4,800 annually to continue to host TS on their
>servers or pay MVU for the content and the costs involved with moving that
>content to their server. If you know of an individual or organization
>willing to do this, please ask them to contact Kirby Milton (kmilton at
>mivu dot org) immediately.
>The copyright provisions of TS are that any article may be distributed
>freely for educational purposes. If you have linked to a TS article from
>your or from your organization's web site, I suggest that you acquire it
>before March 31 and post it on your server.
>Please forward this note to colleagues who may have linked to a TS article
>on their websites.
>James L. Morrison
>Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, The Technology Source
>Editor-in-Chief, Innovate
>Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership
>UNC-Chapel Hill

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