18.655 conferences possibly less than genuine

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         From: Matthew Zimmerman <mz34_at_nyu.edu>
         Subject: Re: 18.642 fraudulent conferences; a genuine one: JCDL
2005 First Doctoral Consortium

The post about the fraudulent conferences piqued my interests so I sent off
an email to the CLEE at UT Austin to inquire about the conference and
referred them to the experiment by the man in New Zealand who submitted
phony papers.

I received this response:

Hi Matthew:
The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Lifelong Engineering
Education did enter into a sponsor role with the CCCT conference
beginning in 2004. One of the key organizers - Dr. William Lesso who is
serving as the Honorary Chair for 2005 - was a prominent faculty member
of the College of Engineering for many years and is now considered
Professor Emeritus. This annual conference was held in Orlando, Florida
until 2004 when it moved to Austin, Texas. The conference continues to
thrive with registrations exceeding 300 last year.

I appreciate the website you shared detailing concerns with the Call for
Papers process. I'm sharing the information with the conference
organizers so they can be sure to address any issues with the process.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Jamie Puryear
Sr. Marketing Manager
The University of Texas at Austin
Top 10 College of Engineering
Center for Lifelong Engineering Education
512.232.5550 * jpuryear_at_mail.utexas.edu

It all seems a bit fishy.

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