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         Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 07:32:38 +0000
         From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman_at_bi.no>
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Dear David,

The Norwegian School of Management has shifted all of its
course descriptions, rule books, etc., to the web.

People do print material out from time to time, but my guess is
that the great savings comes from people who use selected
sections only or people who would grab copies and never
read them.

Seems to work well.

Best regards,


>Have any faithful readers of Humanist tried a similar move to electronic
>Do you have examples of successful models that I might present to the
>committee charged
>with revamping our documents? I can mock-up some prototypes on my own,
>but as the
>resident "computer guy," my contributions are viewed as biased
>testimony. It would
>help a great deal if I could demonstrate that other departments have
>survived the move
>with bookish sensibilities intact.

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