18.576 Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web Accessibility

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         Subject: WWW2005: 2nd International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on
Web Accessibility

                                 *CALL FOR PAPERS*

                                 W4A 2005
          2nd International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web Accessibility

                at the Fourteenth International World Wide Web Conference
                              10-14 May 2004, in Chiba, Japan.


Chieko Asakawa (IBM)
Wendy Chisholm (W3C)
Eric Meyer (Complex Spiral)

Invited Speakers
Paul Bohman (WebAIM)
Shane Anderson (WebAIM)

* The workshop proceedings will be published as part of the ACM
International Conference Proceedings Series and will be available at the
ACM Digital Library.
* Selected papers will be invited to submit a revised version for
consideration for a special issue of the Journal of Web Engineering. These
papers will go through an additional reviewing process to ensure quality.

Topics and Content
We invite submissions for W4A 2004 addressing our current theme of
'Engineering Accessible Design'.

Previous engineering approaches seem to have precluded the engineering of
accessible systems. This is plainly unsatisfactory. Designers, authors,
and technologist are at present playing 'catch-up' with a continually
moving target in an attempt to retrofit systems. In-fact engineering
accessible interfaces is as important as their functionality's and should
be an indivisible part of the development. We should be engineering
accessibility as part of the development and not as afterthought or
because government restrictions and civil law requires us to. Our workshop
will bringing together a cross section of the web design and engineering
communities; to report on developments, discuss the issues, and suggest
cross-pollinated solutions

Topics of interests include (but are not limited to):
- Technological advances to support web accessibility.
- End user tools for accessibility.
- Accessibility guidelines, evaluation techniques, and tools.
- Engineering adaptive applications and graphics.
- Tools and techniques enabling authors to engineer accessible layout /
content including internationalisation.
- Psychology of end user experiences and scenarios.
- Innovative engineering techniques to support accessibility.
- Universally accessible graphical design approaches.
- Design Perspectives.
- Engineering transcoding techniques.
- Accessible graphic formats and tools for their creation.

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